On the edge of enough: Moisture and cold helps drought conditions

Dash-cam during Middleton rain
Posted at 5:02 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 19:02:59-04

BOISE, Idaho — Cold air from the Gulf of Alaska settled into the Treasure Valley Friday bringing cold temperatures, rain and snow to southern Idaho.

This is actually the most substantial wet weather the region had since early January, and if this pattern plays out for the long term it'll be good news.

The cold could maintain the snowpack and added moisture would elevate water levels.

Water managers are currently tracking whether a long-period of this kind of weather could extend the water irrigation season later through August and September. There's a chance — if it continues.

“Here in the Boise Valley, this might give us just enough to squeak through another season. It doesn't take us out of drought though, because we're going to end up with an empty reservoir system again," David Hoekema, Idaho Dept. of Water Resources hydrologist, said.

Every drop of water helps, but it's still far away from adequate water supply statewide due to a dry winter on top of last year’s drought.

"And so we'll need next year's water supply to get us through. Also, if we end up with an extremely hot summer, you know, that'll push us right back into drought. So we're just on the edge," Hoekema said.