Need to renew license or registration? Don't go to the DMV

Posted at 6:18 PM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 10:10:51-04

BOISE, Idaho — DMV’s across the state of Idaho service about a quarter of a million transactions every month.

With restrictions in place due to COVID-19 concerns, data from the Idaho Transportation Department shows that approximately, “40,000 driver’s license/ID card customers and 50,000 vehicle registrations statewide.” are on the backlog with Idaho’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

The backlogs have county officials and the Idaho Transportation Department urging drivers to utilize their online services to reduce crowds and wait times.

But, can their website support an influx of users? As you may remember, just two years ago, a glitch in the DMV system made it quite challenging to renew a license or vehicle. According to ITD at that time, DMV employees were “manually processing all customer transactions.”

We asked the DMV about their online program’s stability. Ada County’s DMV and Administrator Division Manager, Denise Otter responded saying, “there are no hiccups to renew online it’s a pretty seamless transaction.” Otter’s colleague, Alberto Gonzalez is adding, “we’ve been able to maintain the system now for two years, and even when we see an abnormality in the system, we have such route rapid response to make sure the system continues to work.” The DMV is also offering over the phone transactions.

If you need to renew your license and registration and have not completed it, you have until June 30th.

If you are new to the state or recently purchased a new vehicle, keep in mind, all locations are operating on a “one in, one out” model. Meaning only one person per every clerk working at a station is allowed inside of an Idaho DMV.