Nampa explains what water towers do to maintain a healthy water system

What water towers do
Posted at 7:33 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 21:33:05-04

    The iconic Nampa water tower next to the interstate is coming down.
    The City of Nampa wants to replace it with a larger concrete tower.
    But, what exactly do those towers do -- besides display the name of their city?
Open the faucet and we get a predictable result. The water flows forth in a process we all take for granted.

"The water pressure in Nampa is under 76 pounds," says Jeff Barnes, Nampa's assistant city engineer.
But where does that pressure come from?

"We have a series of wells around the city that provide that water pressure," says Barnes.
But that system of wells and associated pumps is supplemented by a number of these massive water towers.

Imagine a million gallons of fresh water up there that's constantly being replenished.
The pressure it provides on the underground water pipes is considerable.
That's important because pumps are known to break or need maintenance, and without water towers, a breakdown would mean no water for you.
"If there's a break in the line the towers can provide consistent water for a while and when there's a fire and crews are opening hydrants, the towers provide the necessary water to take up the slack, so it's very important for the city, " says Barnes.
So, the next time you drive past one of those huge water towers and think what a relic,  just remember, those so called relics are keeping you safe, and well hydrated. 
    The new tank Nampa plans to build -- on the same site -- will hold an extra one million gallons of water.