My Idaho: Meridian's shovel guy

Posted at 6:10 PM, Feb 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 09:12:55-05

MERIDIAN, Idaho — To get a handle on a dirty situation, you need a good shovel. But a shovel without a good sturdy handle is worthless.

There's a sign on a fence near the intersection of Ten Mile and Cherry in Meridian that simply reads, "I replace shovel handles."

Our Don Nelson, who drives past it every day, decided to stop, and introduce himself to a man named Lee White. He told Lee he'd be back with two of his shovels that needed repair.

Lee took the handles and clamped, poked, cut, drilled, and even banged until they were fixed.

If you ask Lee what's his record time is, he'll just smile and say three minutes and forty seconds. And if you think Lee has ever met a handle he didn't like, he said only the ones that the old wooden stubs are hard to get out, but eventually, he wins the battle.

But does the sign really work?

"They see the sign and most have a reason to go to Walgreens, and they just come over here and make it all in one trip," Lee tells us.

All you have to do is ring a bell, and Lee will meet you right at his backyard shop.

So next time you see a sign on a fence, and wonder, stop in and say hi. You never know who'll you'll dig up.