My Idaho: Kentucky to Ketchum

ketchum snow.png
Posted at 1:31 PM, Jan 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-10 09:39:27-05

When it comes to skiing, Kentucky and Idaho don't have much in common. As a matter of fact, the Blue Grass state has no ski areas, while Idaho has, well, more than one.

It's 1,800 miles from Louisville, Kentucky to Ketchum, Idaho, but one person made the journey to keep people safe on these slopes.

Now you're probably wondering where one learns to ski in a state that has no ski areas. Graham Tyler is a member of the Sun Valley ski patrol and he said believe it or it was in Indiana. "The ski hill had I believe a 300-foot vertical drop". For the record, Paoli Peaks in Indiana looks like a fun Midwestern ski hill but it's nowhere close to the hills we look at every day.

Tyler's first taste of Sun Valley was on family trips when he was very young, and he and his sister strapped on the skis at nearby Dollar Mountain. Tyler says, "you can't beat it for young kids, the ski instructors are great."

His sister even joined him on the Sun Valley ski patrol, because she was jealous of her brother's lifestyle in Idaho.

And that's a long way from Kentucky.