My Idaho: father-daughter duo revitalize Cascade building

My Idaho: father-daughter duo revitalize Cascade building
Posted at 3:46 PM, Nov 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 17:47:22-05

A California family found the mountain town of Cascade by chance.

"This will always be the Chief if I tore that sign down, it would be the Chief Hotel that sign is beautiful and that's not going anywhere," said Jeff Tyler, owner of the Palooza Basecamp and Eatery.

The building has greeted drivers traveling through Cascade for decades, but now features a couple of ski lifts sitting outside a new restaurant called the Palooza Basecamp and Eatery.

"I was on Google looking for a restaurant with a residence above it, and this one popped up on the market," Jeff said.

Jeff said he had never been to Cascade.

"I knew nothing about it until the day a drove into it," said Jeff.

With his daughter Sydney by his side, the two took a leap of faith.

"I think this is going to be a walking town, a lot of the commercial buildings in town are for sale and the people that are coming I think I put the bar where it needs to be and they will come into town and revitalize these old buildings just like we have," Jeff said.

Sydney is 18 years old, but don't doubt her commitment to the family business.

"I'm in Idaho to grow the family business because I love my dad and I love my family. I've seen what we've done over the years I started working eight hour shifts at eight years old on a hot dog stand," Sydney said.

The Palooza is no hot dog stand with a full menu, craft beers and wine. If the mood strikes you, you can pretend you're Paul Bunyan at the restaurant's ax throwing spot.

The restaurant also features outdoor seating with the most creative water fountain this side of Milwaukee.

"They do turn off they are working taps so if you want to play bartender, your more than welcome," Sydney said.

Travelers are welcome to stay in one of the newly renovated motel rooms upstairs that provides a place to stay and do laundry while they are out exploring Valley County.

It's hard to miss it — just look for the chief.