Mores Creek Summit snow pack is promising

Posted at 4:39 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 10:28:45-05

As Ron Abramovich crunches his way up Mores Creek Summit to test the snow pack he sees something very different.

"This is such a unique year following the wet year last year," says Abramovich, "You know we're in good shape in terms of reservoir storage and even creeks up here are still flowing.  I've never seen that up here."

We're halfway through winter, and Abramovich says we've got 13 inches of water in the snowpack. Normal is 20 inches.

Unfortunately, we're not going to get much more any time soon.

"Now we're in an extended dry spell for seven to 10 days and the jetstream is taking all the moisture up north, so we're left dry here in Southern Idaho," says Abramovich.

But when you've banked huge amounts of water from snomageddon, Jake Putnam with the Idaho Farm Bureau says there's no worries.

"Right now we're at 69 percent and we're happy because we know we have enough snowpack and we have enough water to make it through the year."

And if we're lucky, we can get enough additional snow to make that result an annual occurrence.

Abramovich says the Boise Basin reservoir system is already three fourths full and there are still two more months to gain more snow.