Mission Aviation Fellowship on higher alert following riots in Haiti

Nampa based MAF on higher alert in Haiti
Posted at 8:48 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 16:45:10-04

    Members of the Mission Aviation Fellowship in Haiti remain on heightened alert today.
    The staff members and families sheltered in place over the weekend during riots that broke out in Port au Prince.
    The state department is warning that the situation in that nation's capitol remains potentially explosive.
Riots and unrest are not unfamiliar to missionaries in places like Haiti, but the recent blow up in Port au Prince caught MAF members off guard.

"It came about very suddenly, staff at work at the airport were doing flights like normal and it flared up suddenly."
The six families and 11 Haitian staff had to shelter in place over the weekend.
The grocery store many shop at was destroyed.
All because the Haitian president ordered a massive gas hike.

"If you can imagine a country like Haiti having to pay 20 dollars a gallon for gas on the wages there it was a radical increase."
The hike was quickly rescinded, but angry citizens are still demonstrating for the president to resign.
MAF operations continue but the biggest concern is travel to and from the airport where unrest may be encountered.

"We have good security where we live.  The houses are well protected but travel back and forth to the airport and in the city that's a real issue."
MAF says all employees are told to communicate their travel plans while the state department has issued a warning to stay away from roadblocks and demonstration areas.
    MAF tells us it shut down operations in Haiti on Sunday and Monday but restarted them yesterday.
    The State Department has issued a level four travel restriction to Haiti which means the general public should not travel there.