Meridian Police practice for school shooter incidents

Meridian Police drill at Sawtooth Middle School
Posted at 10:24 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 00:24:41-04

An active shooter at a local school is always a possibility, which is why police regularly practice how to respond.

So, Meridian police took advantage of a no school day to hold a practice session at Sawtooth Middle School.
Volunteer students like Nici Curry addded a touch of reality as an actor.
After recent false alarms and drills at local schools it's probably no surprise the student volunteers took it as seriously as the police.

"A couple of my friends seemed like they were really scared." says student actor Nici Curry, "It seemed really real."

"We want this as realistic as possible on the officers," says Tracy Basterrechea with Meridian Police, "so their heart rate goes up and they get an adrenaline dump, so they're prepared when they go into a real life situation that it doesn't seem new to them."

While some student volunteers ran from the back of the school, a teacher, faking an injury, was dragged out the front door.
Curry says her advice to other students in case of an emergency is this: "I gotta get out of the building and make sure I'm ok."