Majority of Eagle mobile home residents evacuate

Posted at 9:34 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 00:11:10-04
Residents of the Riviera Estates mobile home park in Eagle were told to find somewhere else to stay by Monday due to flooding, but some residents are waiting it out and hoping conditions improve. 
Ada County officials estimate roughly 3/4 of the 44 homes are evacuated.
Idaho Power crews shut off electricity to the park shortly after noon Monday. 
Originally, residents were told on Friday power would be shut off at 9 a.m., but in an effort to accommodate those who were still moving things out, they postponed the cut off by a few hours.
Residents are still allowed back in to check on their properties, but doing so means wading through thigh-deep water in some locations.
The latest testing on drinking water shows no contamination, but residents are being told to act as if all standing water in roadways is contaminated. Drinking water was also shut off Monday.
There's an incident communication trailer set up with updates information for residents, and for those with pets, the Idaho Humane Society is offering to house those animals free of charge.
As far as when the residents can return -- that's still up in the air.
Evacuations will stay in place until the flood waters recede, which officials say could be well into the month of June or possibly even July.
Anyone wanting to help residents financially can make a donation to the Red Cross.