Magic Valley bike shop builds community through biking

Posted at 12:46 PM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-01 14:49:40-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Bull Moose Bicycles began with the desire to bring quality service to the Magic Valley and since then they have used biking to connect the Twin Falls community.

Nate Rioux and Chris Cawthra started the shop to provide good mechanic services for bikes in southern Idaho, as well as sell biking components that are worth what you pay for. Now entering year four, they have built a connection to downtown Twin Falls, adding to an expanding historic district.

“That’s something that we talk a lot about is being a part of a community and often times when you're in a vehicle you miss things, but on a bike you're right there," said Nate Rioux, co-founder of Bull Moose Bicycles.

Southern Idaho has access to many different terrains which makes it the perfect spot for biking enthusiasts. This and its great community is the reason why Cawthra and his partner choose the Magic Valley.

“Just feels good being in Twin Falls. Ya know, I've worked in shops, one shop here for a long time so I grew to know the customers and learned people's bikes and just knew the people, so it felt better opening a shop here in Twin Falls than anywhere else,” said Cawthra.

The standard of quality is another competent of this shop that sets it apart from major biking brand stores.

“When it comes to bikes, when it comes to components, we really only bring in stuff that we can put our stamp of approval on,” said Rioux.

For those looking to get into a new hobby, biking is a one size fits all activity and Nate and Chris are here to help anyone looking to get started.

“I would just start thinking about how you want to ride a bike or where you want to ride a bike and then just buy something you can afford and have fun on it,” said Cawthra.

For more information on Bull Moose Bicycles, click here.