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MADE IN IDAHO: Boise-based subscription service focuses on early childhood development

Posted at 8:56 PM, Aug 06, 2020

BOISE, Idaho — It's easy to get overwhelmed as a new parent. Finding a balance between playtime, nap time, and feeding time can feel like there's no time left for anything else.

That's why Boise-based Lovevery is taking over the focus on early childhood development. Better yet, they'll deliver age-appropriate learning toys and tools right to your door.

"When you think about how much a child is changing, it's really hard to keep up," Lovevery co-founder and CEO Jessica Rolph said. "It's really hard to calibrate what you need when."

The subscription service sends age-specific toys and tools to customers every few months as their developmental needs change. Deliveries also include play guides for parents, explaining how to use the products to help their child learn and grow.

"We try to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a burden, doesn’t feel like one more task you have to check off, but rather it’s inspiring," co-founder and president Rod Morris said.

For example, the starter box for newborns 0-3 months focuses heavily on visual stimulation through high contrast images and black and white toys.

"Between zero and three, 80% of the brain is formed," Rolph said. "Your child is changing every minute and you want to keep up with that."

As babies grow, their Lovevery toys advance with them, allowing them to eventually learn about object permanence, practice their fine motor skills, and enjoy water play.

Lovevery's downtown Boise office employs about 100 Idahoans and Morris says they anticipate the business to double in size over the next few years. They're also preparing to launch deliveries to Europe.

Currently, they ship out about 2,000 packages a day from their Meridian warehouse.

"Our biggest markets are New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC," Morris said. "So this is starting in Idaho but going everywhere."

To learn more about their subscriptions, click here.