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Crack a can of Idaho Seltzer and find out what the fizz is all about

The flavored alcoholic drinks are becoming so popular that a local drinking establishment is trying to keep up with the orders
Posted at 2:57 PM, Nov 02, 2023

GARDEN CITY, Idaho — Why are Seltzers becoming so popular? A popular drinking hole in Garden City has customers coming in and asking for their local blends. The flavors explode right in your mouth. And the timing couldn't be better.

  • Western Collective is adding a little sweetness to its menu
  • Local Seltzer's popularity is off the charts
  • Seltzer Fest is coming and you won't want to miss it

Find out more on the Western Seltzerfest

The following is the transcript of the broadcast story:

Hard Seltzers are one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverages in the world. Some market analysts say that's because a lot of consumers are looking for something healthier to drink. Whether it's healthier than beer or wine can be debated, but one thing that cannot be argued is its popularity.

Kyle Manns, Director of Brewing at Western Collective in Garden City says he is seeing a shift in in the industry from beer to seltzers. Research shows that globally the seltzer brand will increase in sales over the next five years.

"We started seeing the shift in the industry a good five years ago, people looking for that lighter option."

Manns says the recipe is definitely Made in Idaho.

"Local grain vodka company that's all made with Idaho-grown wheat. We're keeping it in the state as much as possible. So we get basically 270- 300 gallons of 95 percent vodka shipped to us. We take that and cut that with our reversive osmosis water."

And Manns says the finished product is really quite tasty.

"This is tiki juice. It's a passion fruit and kava with vodka, is 49 percent alcohol. (sound of an opening.) We only use natural ingredients. Our rambler series is all real fruit juices and concentrates."

And what better time to sample the different types of Seltzers than during this weekend's
Seltzer Fest at Western Collective in Garden City.