MADE IN IDAHO: Nationally known, locally manufactured applesauce

Posted at 9:04 AM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-18 14:11:09-05

You may have seen them on the playground, in a lunchbox or at the grocery store. Materne North America, creators have GoGo SqueeZ have completely revolutionized the way children and even adults enjoy a healthy snack "on the go". With over five products ranging from applesauce, yogurt and fruit/veggie pureé, each with their own set of unique flavors, it's safe to say this company offers plenty of options, "GoGo SqueeZ is all about excitement. You know as you can tell the exciting different flavors, the exciting colors, the way it just- it's so fun to look at."

Over the year manufacturing plants have been perceived as dark, dirty places, and while some plants are like that, this one is not. "It's clean and there's a lot of light you know, you don't get dirty here at work, it's just a whole different atmosphere from other plants I have worked in." according to Conni Swearingon, a GoGo SqueeZ employee.

This nationally recognized company came to Idaho to be closer to the Northwest apple supply but stayed because of the potential, "between the tech schools and Universities, everything, all of that just summed it up and made it a good place for us." Brian Gunnell, Senior HR business partner, GoGo SqueeZ.

With a demographic targeting mostly kids and their families, GoGo SqueeZ launched their nationwide campaign, "Be Time". This campaign is a pledge to take 30 minutes to just be present with your family. To pledge your time or learn more about this campaign, click here.