Made in Idaho: Idaho Battlefields brings laser tag to customers

Posted at 1:29 PM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 17:29:35-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — When you think of laser tag, most people picture an old building with dated weapons and some black lights — but one Twin Falls company looks to change the name of this classic game.

Idaho Battlefields is a mobile laser tag company that brings the battle to you. Whether you have a backyard, an empty cafeteria, a cow pasture, or just an open space, This immersive laser tag experience can go anywhere.

With intuitive rifles that can change modes mid battle, grenades with custom abilities, utility boxes that can be used in dozens of facets, and even shock bracelets that let you experience pain on the battlefield, the creativity and imagination can stretch as far as you can think.

"Exactly what our whole system is about. Basically bringing Call of Duty to life," said owner Braxton Christensen.

Braxton and Tori are natives to the Magic Valley and remember driving through Twin Falls ready to bring more to southern Idaho.

“I said, Someday we are going to have something that we can bring to this area and do with our family and bring something for other families to do,” said Tori.

The first discovery of this mobile laser tag idea started at a fair the Christensen family attended.

"I go, 'Hey this isn't around here. This could be something kind of fun to do,'" said Braxton.

Now as their company continues to grow, Tori and Braxton have partnered with other local mobile companies to create an experience where the fun can go anywhere.

"We’ve created what we call the mobile hotspot. Where you can actually rent all of us out and we will come out as the mobile hot spot and you will have the ability to throw axes, do escape rooms, do laser tag, basically anything that you want to do we can bring it out there and have a good time for you," said Braxton.

Tori has felt the support of the community from the start of this journey and credits those in the Magic Valley for their success.

“I feel like the community here is so supportive and they love to see people be successful and our friends take it personally, 'Hey that’s my friend they did that,' you know. For us its just the community,” she said.

Tori also credits Jordan and Tiffany Oaks, partners of Idaho Battlefields, for the success of this laser tag experience.

"They are hands down the best people I have ever met. They are hard working and go getters and work full time jobs. On top of that they do this and they have kids and they all come and help and it's this amazing circle we have," she said.

For more information on Idaho Battlefields and how to book a laser tag session, click here.