Made in Idaho: Bearded Axe

Posted at 1:16 PM, Sep 16, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — What is it like to feel like a viking? At Bearded Axe, you can experience the fun and excitement of the projectile sport catching air, axe throwing.

Founded in 2019, co-owner Nancie Mathews and her friends discovered the latest trend axe throwing and knew they had to bring it to the Magic Valley.

Hitting the Bullseye at Bearded Axe

“We thought we could bring this to twin falls like magic valley needs this. We have a lot of these like woodsman type guys and everybody has been in cub scouts they’ve thrown axes at trees while they were camping and so we thought this would be cool,” said Mathews.

One of the reasons Mathews grew to love axe throwing was because of the entry-level sport that it is. Anyone at any age and skill level can pick up an Axe and get throwing

“My favorite thing about axe throwing is that it can be for any body type, any age, any person really so you know you can have other sports you have to kind of be fit or maybe be able to climb a mountain or something. This is for everybody,” said Mathews

With party rooms, 10 lanes, 20 plus targets and plenty of weaponry to throw, Bearded Axe is ready for Parties, date nights, birthdays and anything else you can think of.

For more information on Bearded Axe, click here.