Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin settles Idaho Press Club Lawsuit

Janice McGeachin
Posted at 6:04 PM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 20:05:06-04

BOISE, Idaho — The State of Idaho Controller's Office have processed a transaction for the settlement of the Idaho Press Club lawsuit.

The transaction was for the amount of $28,973.84 to Stoles Rives, LLP, the office confirmed with Idaho News 6.

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The lawsuit against Idaho's Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin came in July after she wrongly denied Public Records Requests from several journalists regarding her education task force alleging indoctrination in Idaho public schools.

McGeachin responded to the ruling by saying the ruling has the potential for the information to be "misused."

"After months of fighting to protect your data, the court has ruled that our office must release personal information on thousands of Idahoans to the media, where it has the potential to be misused to harass Idahoans who speak out on controversial issues," McGeachin said.

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After the ruling that McGeachin was to release records and refund fees related to the record requests as well as paying the court related fees of the Idaho Press Club, McGeachin waited to release those documents until a judge issued a second order.

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The task force ultimately made six recommendations to the state legislature:

  • "Modify TITLE 33 EDUCATION, CHAPTER 1 (STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION) by repealing section 33-138 and 33-139 and replace it with new language, conforming to the Idaho State Constitution, which relates to racist or sexist concepts being taught in public schools."
  • "Recommend to the State Board of Education and the Department of Education that they identify and resolve administrative rules which are in conflict with Article 9, Section 6 of the Idaho Constitution."
  • Make recommendations to the legislature to develop laws that prohibit the use of federal grant funds, including but not limited to, the proposed Biden Rule (CFR 34), which promotes the practice of Critical Theories, or any educational model which promotes race-based stereotypes and biases, or makes claims that any particular race or American system is inherently racist."
  • "Invite a member of the Senate and House Education Committees to work with members of the Education Task Force to develop more specific policies for the upcoming legislative session."
  • "Submit written testimony to the State Board of Education Committees to work with members of the Education Task Force to develop more specific policies for the upcoming legislative session."
  • The Education Task Force supports education choice for Idaho parents. One example of education choice is that the Legislature should direct the State of Idaho to establish an Education Savings Account (ESA) for each school-aged child in Idaho. With an ESA, each parent/legal guardian of a school-aged child receives a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts - accessible via debit card - with restricted uses. Permissible expenses may include enrollment in a public charter or district school, private school tuition, tutoring services, homeschooling expenses, online learning programs, community college costs, saving for college, or other approved customized learning services and materials."