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Board of Ada County Commissioners plans to deny South Boise rezoning

Posted at 10:13 PM, May 22, 2024

SOUTH BOISE, Idaho — The Ada County Board of Commissioners plans to deny the rezoning of an 11.24-acre property off of Five Mile Road and Lake Hazel Road after opposition from South Boise neighbors. This is the second attempt to rezone this property by PEG Companies, a company based out of Provo, Utah.

  • The property will remain zoned as C2 for light commercial use.
  • The Ada County Commissioners tabled this issue for June 11th, so that they can revise the findings of fact and conclusions of law before officially denying the rezoning request.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

It’s a tale of “could have been” for out-of-state developers PEG, looking to rezone this lot as mixed-use and include 118 residential units alongside commercial space.

The Ada County Commissioners plan to deny the company’s request to rezone the 10 acres of property near Five Mile Road and Lake Hazel Road after opposition from neighbors.

“Well I’m happy, I would say I’m happy. It's almost anticlimactic but we’ve been working very hard on this for two years,” says Carlos Vidales, a South Boise resident.

Vidales lives nearby, he has been active in trying to fight the rezoning of this piece of land. He tells me that neighbors did not want more residential units in the area, which lacks commercial space for businesses.

“My ideal outcome would be that a good developer comes over and develops this lot for businesses, retail, and services,” added Vidales.

“We want businesses, every other business is on Overland. So we are three miles away from every other business area and it’s just two little pockets of commercial that we have, one here and one in another neighborhood,” says Patricia Watkins, a South Boise resident.

David Bourne is the Director of Investments with PEG Companies, a company based out of Provo, Utah.

He tells me that after two requests by his company to rezone this property, Wednesday night’s denial may not have the outcome neighbors are hoping for.

“Many of the neighbors came and I think many of them believe, because they were led by some powerful, influential neighbors, that by denying this they were going to be able to have shops and restaurants instead on that site. And in reality, by denying this rezone application, you almost guarantee there will never be a shop or a restaurant on that site because there’s not a developer in the state who will go through the mixed-use rezone process again for this site,” says Bourne.