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'Everything I owned is gone': Fire in Fruitland leaves family without a home

Posted at 8:46 PM, Jun 29, 2024

FRUITLAND, Idaho — A Fruitland family is without a home after a fire started early Saturday morning destroying their mobile home, trailers and multiple cars. Neighbors reported hearing several explosions as the home went up in flames.

  • No one was hurt or injured in the fire.
  • A mother and her four children were in the mobile home when the fire started.
  • The American Red Cross connected the family with local resources after their loss.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

“Everything I owned is gone. All my kids' clothes, our clothes, toys, their shoes. Everything’s gone," said Shanell Hammons.

Hammons is picking up the pieces after she says a fire started by an extension cord burned her home to the ground. “It just started a grass fire and then it caught the motor home on fire and just went from there to the house, to all my cars,” she said.

The Fruitland mother tells me she was inside with her four children when the fire broke out.

“I just tried to get the fire out,” Hammons said. "I couldn’t do it." Her next thought was to make sure she got everyone to safety.

“I just wanted to make sure my kids got out of the house fine and yeah, I got my kids out and my dog,” says Hammons.

And just in time, too, as neighbors reported hearing multiple explosions as the home caught fire.

Gordon Cram lives next door and worried the fire would spread to their home.

“We were like next in line, I thought ours was gonna go up, too. I mean, we were scared,” Cram said. "I was freaking out, my wife went down to get close to it and got a hose, I told her to get out of there, you know everything was crazy."

Although the fire didn’t spread to Gordon’s home, he feels Shanell’s loss and is thankful and wants to help her and her kids however he can.

“Shanell is good people. They lost it all," Cram said. "We’re just trying to help them re-establish their lives and do the best you can. It’s a hard loss."

“I took a big loss, all my cars, my motor home, all my kids’ toys are gone, their clothes, we don’t have shoes, nothing,” says Hammons.