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New leadership could be coming for the Hispanic Cultural Center in Nampa

Three months after the city of Nampa took over the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho, they are looking for a more permanent director.
Posted at 7:21 PM, Nov 15, 2023

NAMPA, Idaho — The Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho could be getting new leadership. It's been months since the city took over the center and since then, there have been improvements to the city.

  • The cultural center has been hosting events since the city took over, while also getting improvements. Nampa City Councilman Victor Rodriguez said when the city took over, the center was in bad shape.
  • Long-time volunteer Dan Martinez is excited about the possible changes.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Dan Martinez knows the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho in and out.

For the last ten years, you could find him sitting at the front desk, giving tours and sharing history.

"The reason I do that is to help the community," Dan Martinez said. "Everyone is welcome here, not just Hispanics. When we do events, everyone can come in with events."

On Wednesday, he was pouring juice at the center, helping out with the AARP Thanksgiving feast.

You might remember the center coming under controversy this Summer when the city of Nampa evicted the organization that previously ran the center.

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In the three months since, Martinez says the city's changes have been impressive.

"When the city took over this building, it was in a state of disrepair and the city has done a great job of moving along and repairing the city back to its former glory," Martinez said.

Nampa City Councilman Victor Rodriguez says the city put in a lot of work upgrading the building.

"Lighting, restrooms, HVAC systems, kitchen, almost everything was in array," Rodriguez told Idaho News 6.

The city is looking to have some more permanent leadership in the center.

In last week's Nampa City Council meeting, the council approved an action that allows the city to seek new management for the building.

"We will hire a director, and then the proceeds that come from here will help pay for itself," Rodriguez said.

The City will still have control over the center. There are no decisions yet about who exactly that could be, Rodriguez says they will be sending out applications.

It's a step that Martinez says will be important for the center so they can keep hosting events like this week's Thanksgiving fiesta.

"This place will become vibrant," Martinez said. "It'll reach its full potential. It's never reached its full potential. If you drive by lots of times you see the parking lot empty, but that's because we just can't reach out to everybody that has a need for this type of facility. But the city will do that, they'll reach out to those people.