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Two jurors on Daybell trial speak about the murder charges and the death penalty

Juror numbers 11 and 12 shared their thoughts on the two month trial
Posted at 6:10 PM, Jun 04, 2024

BOISE, Idaho —  

A jury of 12 convicted Chad Daybell on all 8 counts, including first degree murder for the deaths Tylee Ryan, JJ Vallow and Tammy Daybell. A jury that feels justice was done. I spoke with juror numbers 11 and 12.

  • Jurors 11 and 12 share their thoughts
  • They're surprised Chad Daybell said nothing
  • If a death penalty date comes, one juror says it will be a hard day

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

“We took the first 45 minute,s just the 12 of u,s and we just sat there and said what we wanted. And that’s when we went around the room and said 'I can’t believe this,' or, 'what did you think of this?' 'This was my biggest question.' And it was amazing because we’ve been waiting to ask and talk about this for days, weeks," said Juror 11.

“I think everything started coming together because there were so many pieces and parts, and it was so convoluted. After about three weeks, then everything started coming together. But, I never really had my mind set, is he guilty or not guilty. I’ll give the defense their opportunity.," said Juror 12.

 I asked both of them what one thing really stood out to them.

“Nothing prepared you to see — they were so extremely different. Tylee wasn’t really Tylee. There was just pieces and parts, and that in itself is horrific. But JJ was almost worse because it was JJ, and he’s wearing the same pajama pants that he had in his last picture," answered Juror 11.

“I was hoping that he would at some point get up and say, 'I know I was wrong, I have remorse. I’m sorry, I've changed my ways. I’m going down the right way now. I found the right path.' Whatever he would have said. Even if he got up and said, 'I did it. I made a mistake, but I have so much remorse for these people that I've hurt.' He said nothing," added Juror 12.

I also wanted to know why they took longer to deliberate on the death penalty sentence than the six murder charges.

“That’s a good question. We came in and I think there was a lot of things. First it was just overwhelming responsibility you have because you’re sentencing someone to death and that is big. We have to be comfortable knowing that’s what we doing and we were charged with that," said Juror 11.

And if the day comes where Chad Daybell is put to death, juror number 12 says it will be a hard day.

“When that day, if it ever does come, hopefully the 18 of us will come back together and support each other. Because that’s going to be the hardest day," said juror 12.