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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 29

Posted at 8:41 AM, May 23, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — On day 29 of the trial of Chad Daybell, the State began calling rebuttal witnesses after the defense rested its case. View the live updates from the courtroom below.

RECAP | Dr. Greg Hampikian testifies in the Chad Daybell murder trial

11:51 am: Blake confirms that the state has no additional witnesses prepared for the day. Judge Boyce explains that there will be additional rebuttal witnesses during the trial when proceedings resume on Tuesday, May 28. Judge Boyce sends the trial into recess.

11:50 am: Blake asks Mattingly if he was at Emma's work to share the autopsy results, which Emma declined. Mattingly says yes. Mattingly says it is standard for the officers to try and schedule a time to disclose those autopsy results. Blake has no further questions.

11:49 am: Prior finishes with questions clarifying why Mattingly was recording Emma's reaction.

11:38 am: Mattingly says he was not part of the investigation at the time of the exhumation, so he can't testify to why they were not informed.

11:36 am: Prior now cross-examines. He asks Mattingly if the notification of the autopsy results was a part of the investigation. Mattingly says no, it is just common practice. Mattingly says there was an investigative concern with informing Emma that the body had been exhumed.

11:32 am: Emma told Mattingly to contact her attorney Josh Garner to give her the autopsy results. When Det. Mattingly reached out to Garner, he told the detective that he was not representing the Daybell children. Emma never reached out to the Sheriff's Office after the interaction.

11:28 am: Emma says she doesn't want to hear the results right now, so Mattingly offers to set something up with law enforcement to learn more about the autopsy. Emma says her lawyer will reach out to them.

11:25 am: Mattingly can be heard informing Emma that she would not be interviewed or asked any questions.

11:24 am: Emma then says that she actually changed her mind and isn't interested in interviewing or answering any questions.

11:23 am: Emma can be heard confirming that she made a request for details about the autopsy results.

11:19 am: Det. Mattingly recorded his interaction with Emma Daybell as he attempted to make contact with her about Tammy's autopsy.

11:17 am: Det. Mattingly explains that Emma Daybell was reached out to by Det. Kaaiakamanu, but she did not respond. Mattingly says a team was formed to make contact with the Daybell children to notify them of the autopsy.

11:16 am: Det. Mattingly reminds the jurors of his involvement in the search for JJ and Tylee, as well as his review of Tammy's remains.

11:15 am: The State calls Det. Mattingly to the witness stand. He has testified for the state earlier in this trial.

11:13 am: Blake re-directs, Jason clarifies that Garth was clear that his father was not present when he discovered Tammy's body. Blake has no further questions.

11:12 am: Prior makes many argumentative statements that the state objects to, Boyce sustains these. Prior asks if Jason and Garth weren't really that close of friends, Jason says they were more like close co-workers. Prior has no further questions.

11:11 am: Prior asks if Garth mentioned that he was playing video games that night and heard snoring from his parent's room, Jason says he did not

11:09 am: Blake has no further questions, Prior now cross-examines.

11:07 am: The week after Tammy's death, Garth told Jason that he found her after work and that he didn't know where his father was.

11:05 am: The state calls Jason McKay Abegglen. Jason worked with Garth Daybell, Chad and Tammy's son, at the Haunted Mill attraction in Teton, Idaho.

11:03 am: Prior has no further questions, Jensen is excused from the witness stand.

11:01 am: Jensen explains that she now has a closer relationship with Emma than Tammy, considering Emma to be her friend.

10:58 am: Prior ask Jensen about how often she would interact with Tammy Daybell, she responds that she worked alongside Tammy 2-3 days a week and would have discussions with her about once per week.

10:57 am: Jensen says that, following Tammy's death, she asked Emma Daybell about how her mother died. Emma told her that she died of complications relating to a blood clot. Wixom has no further questions.

10:51 am: Jensen says Tammy was always wearing exercise shoes and aimed to get her steps in. Jensen says she never saw Tammy winded or exhausted from walking through the halls of the school.

10:48 am: The state calls Lisa Marie Jensen to be its first rebuttal witness. Jensen lives in Sugar City and works at Central Elementary School. Lisa hired Emma Daybell and worked alongside Tammy before her death.

10:45 am: The jurors are let back into the courtroom and the Defense officially rests its case. The state has prepared further rebuttal witnesses, the first of which will now take the witness stand.

10:42 am: Judge Boyce rules against the state as Det. Cannon has been exposed to the exact testimony that was given in the courtroom.

10:27 am: Wixom explains that Det. Cannon heard testimony from Det. Kaaiakamanu indicated that Cannon had been shown a paintball gun picture. Det. Cannon called the prosecutors shortly after and told them he wanted to clarify this for the jury.

10:22 am: Wixom indicates that the state intends to bring Deputy Cannon to the witness stand after the defense rests. Wixom believes that he will testify that at no time was he shown a paintball gun on a computer screen when responding to the paintball attack on Tammy Daybell, which was suggested in the defense's case.

10:15 am: Following the mid-morning recess, the defense is expected to rest its case. The state has indicated that a 1-2 day rebuttal with witnesses is expected.

9:34 am: Prior indicates that Chad Daybell will not be testifying in his defense.

9:27 am: Judge Boyce calls for a mid-morning break to discuss a matter outside of the presence of the jurors.

9:25 am: Judge Boyce asks Prior if he has another witness, Prior asks for a sidebar.

9:24 am: Bartelink clarifies that there is no way for him to determine where the traumas present on Tylee's body took place. Wixom has no further questions and the witness is released.

9:19 am: Bartelink clarifies that it's possible Tylee was burned on the property, but she also could have been burned elsewhere. Bartelink says that the missing remains could be at another location or still buried somewhere on the Daybell property.

9:18 am: Wixom asks Bartelink if he reviewed the autopsy and FBI reports from the analysis of Tylee's remains, he says he has.

9:16 am: Prior concludes his questioning after Bartelink clarifies that he believes the body was burned as a whole and then placed in Chad's backyard.

9:12 am: Bartelink says that the burn pattern indicates to him that Tylee's body was likely burned as a whole, not in pieces.

9:09 am: Bartelink explains that a small amount of the bones could not be identified, but says that he still believes many of the remains are missing.

9:05 am: Prior asks if the use of gasoline alone would have resulted in the burning present in Tylee's remains. There would need to be a significant amount of fuel, Bartelink says this could be wood or other supplies as accelerants don't burn for long enough to produce this kind of burning.

9:03 am: Prior argues that the experiment is being discussed as a foundational question to establish Bartelink's expertise in the field. The state withdraws the objection after this detail is clarified.

9:01 am: The state is objecting to the experiment being discussed by Bartelink because it was not mentioned in the report he submitted for the state to review.

8:59 am: The jurors are excused by Judge Boyce as a brief issue is resolved.

8:57 am: A diagram of a skeleton with the missing portions of Tylee's remains is projected in the courtroom.

8:55 am: Bartelink prepared a report on his findings relating to the remains of Tylee Ryan. The doctor says that a large portion of her remains were missing, including her arms, legs, and a large portion of the ribs.

8:45 am: Dr. Bartelink explains his qualifications and background in forensic science, specifically working on over 100 burn remains cases.

8:42 am: The defense starts the day by calling Dr. Eric Bartelink to the witness stand.