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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 5

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Posted at 8:36 AM, Apr 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-17 18:10:06-04

BOISE, Idaho — Day 5 of the trial of Chad Daybell is underway, witness testimony is expected to continue shortly. Live updates from the courtroom are available below.

YESTERDAY IN COURT: F.B.I. surveillance and recorded phone calls at the center of the Chad Daybell murder trial

3:30 pm: Court goes into recess for the day.

3:25 pm: Douglass reveals that Chad transferred $8,000 to his son Seth, $8,000 to Joseph and Emma Murray, and $8,000 to Garth Daybell all at 9:50 am on June 9, 2020, as police searched his property for the missing children and eventually discovered the bodies.

3:18 pm: Douglass explains that Tammy's life insurance policy was increased on Sept. 8, 2019, the same date as the last known sighting of Tylee Ryan. Chad also purchased several prepaid phones around this time. The timeline displayed shows that Chad filed a claim to cash out Tammy's life insurance policy.

2:55 pm: Douglass is questioned about JJ Vallow's financial history, specifically the money for JJ that was being sent to Lori's account.

2:15 pm: Wood displays a timeline of transactions from Tylee's account. Initially, there is a lot of activity then it drops down to very little suddenly.

2:02 pm: FBI forensic accountant Michael Douglass takes the stand. He is questioned by Wood about his qualifications and responsibilities.

2:00 pm: After a brief follow-up from Wood about Kunsaitis and his work with GPS data, Kunsaitis leaves the witness stand. He is expected to be recalled at a later date.

1:52 pm: Kunsaitis says there is no information to suggest that Chad took any of the social security funds from JJ or Tylee and that these actions are attributable to Lori and are not a reflection of Chad. Prior has no further questions.

1:47 pm: Prior asks the detective how the purchases of firearms by Alex Cox are related to an event where Tammy Daybell reported that she was shot at with a paintball gun, the detective says they are part of the timeline of events.

1:44 pm: Prior asks the detective if he is aware of Alex Cox's felony conviction prohibiting his purchases of firearms, the detective says he understood that this did not impede Cox's ability to purchase firearms.

1:40 pm: Prior asks if the flight records and timeline necessarily indicate anything else besides them simply buying tickets for each other. The detective says no.

1:35 pm: The judge returns following the sidebar and says that there were concerns about potential recordings. He reminds the courtroom that there is no unauthorized audio or video recording.

1:28 pm: The judge holds a sidebar after sustaining an objection from Wood that Prior was being argumentative.

1:20 pm: Prior begins to question Kunsaitis after the jury is seated. He asks what Chad's travels have to do with Charles' death. Prior continues, asking if it was included to get a reaction from jurors.

1:16 pm: Judge Boyce says that if the matter comes up, Prior can ask a generic question about the matter should he choose to, but he must avoid getting into detail about the victim.

1:14 pm: Before testimony continues, a brief motion hearing about Alex Cox's 2007 conviction involving Joseph Ryan is taking place.

1:08 pm: Det. Kunsaitis is back on the stand, continuing his testimony after the lunch recess.

12:02 pm: Judge Boyce sends the courtroom into recess for lunch after the detective explains the flight records timeline as it lines up with the investigation of the missing children. The livestream should return by 1 pm.

11:51 am: Another flight record shows that Lori bought Chad a United Airlines ticket and

11:49 am: The attorneys return. The next exhibit displays flight records indicating that Chad, Lori, Alex, and Melani Bordeaux made several trips between Arizona and Idaho in 2019. JJ and Tylee were not on the recorded flights.

11:46 am: Prior asks to approach and the attorneys discuss with the judge after Wood asks to admit a huge stack of papers.

11:36 am: The detective details the flight records of Tylee, Chad, and Lori to see what their flight habits were. Lori and Melani flew from Phoenix to Missouri, only two people were listed on the hotel folio, JJ was not there.

11:10 am: A document from Chad Daybell's email was sent on Nov. 8, he was contacting a realty group in Hawaii about looking at a property. In the email, Chad says he and Lori have no kids. This was while investigators were searching for Tylee and JJ.

11:06 am: The detective now turns to Chad Daybell's bank accounts and transaction history.

10:58 am: Kunsaitis details 46 gun-related transactions made by Alex Cox between Aug. 10 and Oct. 24 of 2019.

10:48 am: Direct examination of Det. Kunsaitis by Rob Wood continues.

10:45 am: The courtroom livestream is back online.

10:09 am: Judge Boyce calls for a mid-morning break. The court should be back from recess around 10:40 am.

9:49 am: A credit card shared by Alex Cox and Lori Vallow shows transactions for the purchase of plane tickets taking Lori to the Idaho Falls airport, the closest airport to Chad's home.

9:46 am: A document reveals a payment to Sun Mortuary on a credit card owned by Lori and Charles, the payment was made the day after Charles died.

9:33 am: After Tylee's benefits stopped, activity continued on her account. Her card was found to be used to move from Arizona to Utah using money deposited by Lori. Another of Tylee's accounts was used exclusively online through Jan. 2020, with the exception of 2 in-person transactions.

9:31 am: Kunsaitis shows that Social Security payments for Tylee and JJ continued monthly into Jan. 2020. Nearly $8,000 was deposited into Lori's account for JJ after his last proof of life.

9:23 am: A document displaying deposits for JJ and Lori's benefits for the month of Sept. 2019 is shown. Kunsaitis's voice trembles as he tells Wood the dates of the deposits were significant because JJ was killed just days later.

9:20 am: A document shows that Tylee received Social Security benefits on August 28. Kunsaitis says that police believe Tylee was killed just 10 days later.

9:11 am: Kunsaitis clarifies that these accounts distinguish between transactions made by Lori and transactions made by Tylee and JJ.

9:07 am: Another document shows that Tylee's checking account was emptied on Sept. 20, 2019. The money was transferred to Lori's account.

9:05 am: Kunsaitis shows that, on September 1, 2019, Tylee made a final in-person use of the card associated with her account.

9:03 am: Tylee Ryan's financial records are displayed, showing that she was spending money at stores on a daily basis, buying gas, food, and other things.

9:01 am: Wood presents several digital exhibits all relating to financial records across various accounts that were receiving benefits from Social Security.

8:53 am: Kunsaitis details financial findings from #175, explaining that these can be very telling in missing person cases.

8:51 am: Kunsaitis conducted a search warrant at one of the townhomes on Pioneer Rd: #175.

8:40 am: Det. Kunsaitis takes the stand, prosecuting attorney Rob Wood questions him.

8:38 am: The courtroom live stream goes online, Rexburg Detective Chuck Kunsaitis is expected to give his testimony shortly.