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F.B.I. surveillance and recorded phone calls at the center of the Chad Daybell murder trial

Emails and phones showed the relationship between Chad and Lori Vallow
Posted at 3:11 PM, Apr 16, 2024
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BOISE, Idaho — Demons, possessed humans, and cremations. Tuesday's testimony in the State of Idaho vs. Chad Daybell saw an F.B.I. specialist and an Arizona police detective testify about the relationship between Chad and Lori Vallow.

  • F.B.I Specialist monitored emails between Chad and Lori
  • Chandler, Arizona police detective shared phone calls from Chad and Lori
  • Chad called a funeral home for cost estimates on cremations

RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 4
(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.).

F.B.I. tactical specialist Nicole Heideman monitored Google searches from Chad and Lori Vallow’s email accounts. Chad’s emails included searches for wedding bands and Lori a search for the ways to sell a service dog. JJ Vallow used a service dog and was still alive when she made the search. “JJ had a service dog at the time this search occurred roughly two weeks after the deaths of Charles Vallow.”

Both Chad and Lori sometimes referred to Lori’s fourth husband Charles Vallow as Ned or hiplos which meant he was possessed by a demon. And even though Chad Daybell was not tied to the shooting death of Charles in Arizona, the prosecution was trying to establish that Chad and Lori were in constant communication.

Chandler, Arizona police detective Nathan Duncan gives one example. “Chad sent a message to Lori a text that read I got the inspiration to go back to the original death percentage to trace Charles, Ned, and Hiplos. Tammy is very close, her percentage had fallen steadily since Hiplos left and it is encouraging.”

During cross-examination, Defense Attorney John Prior asked Agent Heideman was Chad really involved? “I didn’t see where Chad Daybell talked about life insurance from the children did he? No sir . And there’s no email that says let’s kill two kids, right by Chad Daybell,? Ah no.”

Detective Duncan then shared a phone call Chad made to an Arizona funeral home asking about the cost of cremation. It appears he didn’t want the facility to know exactly who was calling. Chad calls and said "I just had a death in the family, and we want to send the remains to Louisiana. Can you give me a ballpark price on that? Yes I’m sorry for your loss, how do spell the last name. D-a-y-b-a-l.

Of course, Daybell is spelled D-a-y-b-e-l-l.