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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 3

Posted at 8:42 AM, Apr 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-15 18:13:01-04

BOISE, Idaho — Day 3 of the trial of Chad Daybell is underway. View the courtroom live stream in the video player below.

RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 2

3:22 pm: Following a sidebar to resolve scheduling, the State believes that it makes sense to end today's courtroom proceedings because they have much more to ask the witness. Judge Boyce excuses the jurors and court goes into recess for the day.

3:17 pm: Heideman continues, detailing the process of attributing specific numbers to Lori Vallow and Alex Cox.

2:59 pm: Heideman explains the process of identifying the phone numbers and connecting them to Chad.

2:56 pm: Between Oct. 2018 and Jan. 2020, Chad Daybell was determined to have 9 phone numbers, with 3 of interest. Lori Vallow and Alex Cox had 6 phone numbers in the time frame as well, each with 3 phone numbers of interest.

2:54 pm: Heideman says she became involved in the search for JJ and Tylee in early 2020. She was assigned to research data and phone attribution, to determine the likely primary user of a phone number.

2:50 pm: The state calls Nicole Heideman, an FBI Tactical Specialist, to the stand. She has worked for the FBI for almost 16 years. Lindsey Blake questions the witness.

2:46 pm: The afternoon recess has ended, Judge Boyce informs attendees that some members of the public have not been permitted reentry due to their behavior in the courtroom impeding the role of the jury.

2:15 pm: Powell leaves the witness stand and a 30-minute recess is initiated.

2:12 pm: Prior asks if Powell is aware that Chad is not implicated in the murder of Charles Vallow and the attempted murder of Brandon Boudreaux, Powell says he is. Prior asks how these deaths give him the right to exhume Tammy Daybell. Powell says the connections to Lori and other information made him feel the warrant was necessary.

2:10 pm: Wixom asks if there were other factors surrounding the exhumation decision for Tammy's body. Powell says yes, and explains that the deaths surrounding Lori Vallow played a role in that decision.

2:07 pm: Wixom questions Powell again. Powell confirms that Lori and Chad were holding hands at the Hobby Lobby and spending time together during the day just 12 days after Tammy's death.

2:06 pm: Prior is finished with his questions for Powell at this time, though he indicates that he may bring the witness back to the stand.

2:05 pm: Prior continues to detail the medical complications Tammy was facing. Powell confirms that he did not take these into consideration before exhuming Tammy's body.

1:59 pm: Prior highlights that Tammy used herbal medicines and did not like going to see doctors. Most of what was in her cupboard was natural, not prescription medicines. This comes from a report that Powell is now reading which details what Chad Daybell said happened the morning Tammy died.

1:55 pm: Prior asks Powell about the exhumation of Tammy Daybell, asking if he once looked at the death certificate before having her "dug out of the ground." Powell says he did not.

1:45 pm: Prior asks Powell if the activities he observed by Chad and Lori, the Hobby Lobby trip and Cafe Rio meal, were suspicious. Powell says they are not.

1:41 pm: Prior now initiates his cross-examination of Powell. Prior questions Lt. Powell about his lack of use of a bodycam, asking him if he felt that a case this important would have benefited from a recorder. Powell says yes.

1:32 pm: Wixom questions Powell about indications of tampering that may have been apparent following the exhumation, Powell says there were none.

1:24 pm: Powell explains that, because Tammy appeared healthy, he got a warrant for exhumation, working with the court in Utah to have Tammy's body investigated further.

1:21 pm: Lt. Powell confirms that it appears Tammy was fairly healthy based on the medical records.

1:19 pm: The exhibit displays a medical record from Teton Medical Group. Powell explains that medical record reviews are common when investigating unattended deaths.

1:13 pm: We return from lunch recess and Lt. Powell returns to the witness stand. Wixom begins by moving to admit an exhibit relating to medications that Tammy Daybell was prescribed.

12:01 pm: Judge Boyce calls for the lunch recess to begin and the courtroom stream is paused.

11:58 am: Wixom presents an additional photo of Chad and Lori eating at Cafe Rio following the Hobby Lobby visit. Powell explains that the surveillance was ended following the Cafe Rio visit due to the time of day.

11:57 am: Wixom presents a surveillance photo of Lori and Chad holding hands as they walk into Hobby Lobby.

11:53 am: Powell recounts surveillance he was asked to conduct on Lori Vallow's apartment in Rexburg.

11:50 am: The law enforcement from Arizona gave Powell the names of Alex Cox and Lori Vallow, informing Powell that they may have ties to Chad Daybell.

11:48 am: Law enforcement from Arizona contacted Powell about the death report, Powell says he worked with them. Powell also says he reviewed the report and Tammy's medical records.

11:47 am: Powell explains that he investigated Tammy Daybell's death, which was initially ruled to be of natural causes.

11:45 am: Lt. Powell explains that it is within the scope of his role to be involved in unattended deaths, mainly to look for foul play.

11:44 am: Wixom asks Lt. Powell about his rank, training, and responsibilities in his position.

11:42 am: Fremont County Lt. Joe Powell is sworn in and takes the witness stand.

11:38 am: Wixom asks the detective if there is any question about whether Chad was looking towards the fire pit while he was in the patrol car. Prior objects and Judge Boyce sustains the objection. Wixom has no further questions. Wheeler may be recalled to the stand later in the trial.

11:41 am: Wheeler clarifies that he was not involved in recovering JJ's remains and that he only made observations of the process.

11:23 am: Wixom asks the detective if the interest in the activities of the officers by Chad could have been because he was concerned that the bodies would be discovered. Wheeler says yes. Wixom continues, asking if this could explain Chad's swift driving away from the scene, Wheeler says yes.

11:18 am: Prior has no further questions for the detective.

11:15 am: Prior asks Wheeler when Chad was dropped off at the jail, Wheeler says it was around 12:45 pm. Wheeler says when he returned a group of people was tasked with excavating the fire pit area using shovels and sifters.

11:11 am: Prior asks about Chad's reaction to being told of the discovery of the bodies, Wheeler says he could not testify to Chad's reaction.

11:09 am: Prior asks Wheeler why Chad would move from his spot if his goal was to watch the locations with the remains, Wheeler says that Chad was asked to move by investigators.

11:07 am: Prior continues, now asking about the view Chad had of the areas where the remains were discovered, detailing the distance between Chad and calling into question the clarity of this view.

11:06 am: Prior continues, confirming with the detective that Chad was placed in handcuffs and told about the human remains on his property.

11:04 am: Prior says it appears that Chad was in the process of leaving to see his lawyer, Wheeler says he can't testify to that.

11:02 am: The body camera footage plays, showing Lt. Ball telling Chad that his attorney can come to him now as he is stopped from leaving his property.

11:00 am: Prior asks to publish the body camera footage from Det. Wheeler. Judge Boyce allows it.

10:57 am: Prior asks Wheeler about Chad speeding away from his daughter's house on the property, confirming that the officers had not made Chad aware of any discoveries at this time.

10:53 am: Prior asks Wheeler to describe Chad Daybell's whereabouts over the course of the morning, including details about how long Chad was in the driveway in his car.

10:52 am: The courtroom is back in session following the morning recess. Prior now cross-examines Det. Wheeler, who remains under oath and on the stand.

10:03 am: Judge Boyce sends the courtroom into a brief morning recess. When the stream returns, Prior will begin his cross-examination of Detective Wheeler.

10:01 am: Chad's daughter leaves and Wheeler confirms that Chad was looking in the direction of the fire pit. Wheeler was then asked to transport Chad to the Fremont County Jail.

9:54 am: Emma Daybell says she was told that they uncovered human remains on the property. She continues and says that she believes Chad looked surprised like she was.

9:49 am: Chad tells Emma that the house is effectively hers, continuing to talk about money and how things will move if he is arrested.

9:47 am: In the video, Emma and Chad continue talking about finances and how Emma can take care of expenses if Chad is arrested.

9:45 am: In the video, Emma Daybell says it's not likely that Chad will be out of detainment quickly, which Chad laughs at. The detective confirms that Chad had not been placed under formal arrest at that time.

9:38 am: Chad's daughter Emma is audible in the video. Wheeler explains that Chad would be able to see the fire pit, where Tylee's remains were found, from the patrol car by looking to his right. The video continues playing as Chad expresses concerns about his vehicle, which was left where he was detained by Wheeler.

9:35 am: The videos are played following brief technical issues. The first displays the footage of the patrol car's interior. Wheeler explains that the video shows Chad Daybell in the patrol car after trying to leave the property.

9:32 am: Wixom now asks to admit video footage from the patrol vehicle. One is dash cam footage of the inside of the vehicle, the other is from the outside.

9:30 am: The detective explains that he put handcuffs on Chad Daybell and moved him to the patrol vehicle after stopping him.

9:26 am: Eventually, Daybell tried to leave after spending some time at his daughter Emma's house on the property. Daybell appeared to be in a hurry, driving quickly away from the property. The other investigators told the detective to hurry and stop him before he could leave the scene. Daybell didn't appear surprised that he was stopped, and he complied with the officer's orders.

9:23 am: Wheeler explains that he first saw Chad leave the home at 7:30 am, moving his vehicle to a spot with a better view of the pond area. This caught the attention of the detective, who began to take note of where Chad was looking. Chad Daybell was watching "awkwardly" as cadaver dogs searched the property.

9:21 am: Wheeler now details his account of the morning of the search following his arrival at Chad Daybell's property just after 7 am at Daybell's property.

9:18 am: Wixom now asks Wheeler to describe his role during the search of Chad Daybell's property. The detective says his job was to maintain safety and control, which is typical during searches. Detective Wheeler explains that he found the remains of Tylee and saw the remains of JJ Vallow. The detective says Tylee's remains were found near the fire pit, while JJ's remains were found near the pond at the back of the property.

9:17 am: Det. Wheeler says he has been with the Rexburg Police Department for 18 years.

9:16 am: Rexburg Detective Eric Wheeler now sits at the witness stand. Wixom asks him about his position and rank before being a detective.

9:15 am: Prior has no further questions and the questioning of Kaaiakamanu is complete.

9:13 am: Prior continues, asking the Chief Deputy about how many officers were present on the property and emphasizing the distress the presence of so many officers could cause.

9:08 am: Prior finishes his questioning, Wixom now re-directs. He asks if the tone of the phone call was different from their "average" phone call, and Kaaiakamanu says yes.

9:03 am: Prior begins to cross-examine the Chief Deputy, asking him about an interview he had with Garth Daybell, Chad's son.

8:54 am: The call is played for the jury. During the call, Chad worriedly tells Lori that officers are searching the property.

8:52 am: Prior objects to the phone call being played, but Judge Boyce allows it.

8:49 am: Kaaiakamanu explains the Telmate inmate communication system, clarifying that the information in the system was not able to be edited by himself or other officers. Wixom now asks about a call in the Telmate system between Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, asking to present the call to the jury.

8:47 am: Wixom, attorney for the state, questions Kaaiakamanu regarding his responsibilities, including his oversight of the jail in Madison County.

8:45 am: With the jury, attorneys, and judge now seated, the state has called Madison County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Vincent Kaaiakamanu to the witness stand.