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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 2

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Posted at 8:38 AM, Apr 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-11 20:11:40-04

BOISE, Idaho — Day 2 of the trial of Chad Daybell is underway. Yesterday, the State and defense gave their opening statements before the first witness, Rexburg Detective Ray Hermosillo, took the stand and gave his account of the wellness check he executed for JJ Vallow.

RECAP | Defense argues Alex Cox was Lori's protector in day one of Chad Daybell Trial


2:26 pm: Judge Boyce says that jury selection moved faster than anticipated and that the next witness is not at the courthouse. Court is dismissed for the day and is scheduled to begin on Monday at 8:30 am.

2:21 pm: Judge Boyce returns from the sidebar and clarifies what evidence has been admitted and added to the record at this point in the trial.

2:15 pm: Ray Hermosillo is released from the stand, though he remains under subpoena to be recalled. Wood asks for a sidebar, prompting the attorneys and Judge to leave the courtroom.

2:13 pm: Prior finishes with a question about the length of Chad Daybell's driveway, which Hermosillo says is about 20-30 yards.

2:08 pm: Wood finishes his questions by asking Hermosillo about the first time he talked with Chad Daybell. Now Prior questions Hermosillo about the location of Alex Cox while Tammy was shot at.

2:06 pm: Wood asks if the fact that Tammy died just 10 days after the driveway shooting impacts his opinion of the situation, Hermosillo says it does. Wood continues, asking if the fact that Lori and Chad got married just 17 days after Tammy's death impacts his opinion of the situation, Hermosillo says it does.

2:04 pm: Hermosillo explains that Alex Cox was known to be on the premises on the morning that shots were fired. The detective adds that Alex Cox searched "how to make your AR-15 function in cold weather" online on October 10. Hermosillo says he believes Alex Cox was there to shoot Tammy Daybell.

2:02 pm: Wood asks the detective about the initial scope of the investigation and prompts Hermosillo to discuss why he believed it was not a paintball gun that fired at Tammy Daybell in the driveway. Hermosillo asks to read his notes before explaining further.

1:59 pm: Wood now re-directs. He opens by asking Hermosillo about the first time he met Chad Daybell. Hermosillo says Chad did not look afraid.

1:57 pm: Prior begins to question the detective on an interview he conducted with Melanie Gibb, but Wood objects to the questioning and Judge Boyce confirms that the questions are beyond the scope of the case. Prior has no further questions for the detective right now, but says he will bring Hermosillo back to the stand for further questions later.

1:48 pm: Prior now questions the detective about the final proof of life dates given for the two children. Prior notes the gap between the two dates.

1:44 pm: Following the sidebar, the question is struck and the topic is not permitted. Prior now continues to question Hermosillo regarding the timeline of vacations taken by Daybell. Hermosillo says that tips led to the discovery of Daybell's trip to Hawaii. Prior now asks about if they used plane records to locate Daybell, Hermosillo says he assumes an officer looked through flight records and finances.

1:38 pm: Prior asks to approach after Wood objects to the line of questioning which is darting from subject to subject. Judge Boyce sustains the objection, explaining that the questions have left the scope of the case.

1:34 pm: Prior makes mention of Alex Cox Googling the "Hannibal Lecter thing," which Hermosillo says he was not aware of.

1:31 pm: With the afternoon recess finished, Prior continues to question Det. Ray Hermosillo. Questions have turned to the Google search history of Alex Cox on the day of the shooting at Tammy Daybell in the driveway.

12:11 pm: An afternoon recess has been called following the questioning about the paintball gun incident. The courtroom livestream is expected to return in an hour.

12:09 pm: Prior asks Hermosillo whether he knew where Alex Cox was at the time of the driveway shooting. The detective says Cox was known to be at the residence that day, but can not confirm if it was during the time of the shooting. Prior asks what is causing the detective to believe there was anything other than a paintball gun involved in the situation with Tammy Daybell.

12:06 pm: Wood objects as Prior again refers to the evidence as an email, Judge Boyce overrules. Prior turns his attention back to the text, which states that Tammy Daybell believed the shooting to have been from a paintball gun.

12:04 pm: Prior presents an email sent from Tammy Daybell where she warns friends and neighbors of the shooting and asks Hermosillo to read it. Prior corrects himself, clarifying that the exhibit is actually a text message.

12:03 pm: Prior asks Hermosillo if he believes that Tammy Daybell was shot at by anything other than a paintball gun. The detective says he actually does believe that she was shot at by something else based on the evidence he has seen.

11:59 am: The objection is sustained, Prior continues with new questions about the report of shots fired at Tammy Daybell in her driveway.

11:57 am: Prior asks the detective if he ever threatened Daybell when discussing with him. Wood objects, but Prior begins to ask another question which Judge Boyce stops, clarifying to Prior that when there is an objection he will rule on it before questions can continue.

11:52 am: Hermosillo explains that interviews conducted at the police station are recorded, but that there is no policy mandating that he record interviews in the field. Prior asks if the detective has a phone capable of recording interviews, which the detective confirms.

11:49 am: Prior continues, asking the detective to clarify details of his role and explain how they are distinct from the role of prosecutors. Prior then shifts focus to body cameras.

11:45 am: Prior opens with questions about witnesses interviewed by Hermosillo. Prior asks Hermosillo if the role of an investigator is to remain neutral and not focus in on one person, Hermosillo agrees that it is.

11:44 am: Wood has no further questions for the witness. Now, Prior approaches the witness for cross-examination.

11:42 am: Hermosillo says the last known proof of life for Tylee Ryan was from Sept. 8, 2019. For JJ Vallow, it's Sept. 22, 2019.

11:40 am: Prior is no longer objecting to the evidence being presented. Now, Hermosillo uses a laser pointer to walk jurors through a timeline of the events in the investigation.

11:30 am: Judge Boyce has returned from the sidebar. An objection to evidence is being discussed.

11:03 am: Judge Boyce says there is an issue with evidence that needs to be resolved before the trial can progress. The jury is dismissed while the Judge quickly reviews research documents to resolve the issue.

10:54 am: Judge Boyce asks to hold a sidebar after Wood moves to admit a timeline of the case. The judge and attorneys leave the courtroom to discuss.

10:50 am: Wood moves to admit an exhibit that displays key people in the case, including Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, Tammy Daybell, and others.

10:48 am: The detective explains that on October 9, 2019, Tammy Daybell believed she had been shot at from in her driveway.

10:45 am: Judge Boyce sustains an objection by Prior to a question posed by Wood which was prompting Hermosillo to discuss what he knew about the Tammy Daybell case. After further questioning, the question is altered and Judge Boyce overrules another objection by Prior, allowing Hermosillo to discuss the Tammy Daybell case.

10:43 am: Prior is concerned with Hermosillo addressing what he was told about the Tammy Daybell case, ensuring that the detective only answers the question of if he was advised about the situation. Hermosillo says he was.

10:40 am: Prior asks to approach after Hermosillo begins to discuss collaboration between the Rexburg Police and the Fremont County Sheriff's Office, who were investigating the death of Tammy Daybell as Hermosillo was investigating the disappearances of the children.

10:36 am: Hermosillo continues to detail the autopsy process. After JJ's body was removed from the autopsy table, a black body bag, which the detective recognized from the excavation on Daybell's property, was brought out for analysis. The coroner explained that they could not conduct an autopsy on the remains due to the state they were in.

10:32 am: The courtroom stream is live again as jurors and the attorneys return from a brief morning recess.

10:04 am: Judge Boyce asks for a brief sidebar with the attorneys. Morning recess has started, and the courtroom livestream is expected to return at 10:30 am.

9:55 am: The first of the bodies examined was JJ's. Hermosillo describes the amount of duct tape wrapped around JJ's face and arms as significant. The tape ran "from jawline to jawline."

9:54 am: The detective now recounts the June 11 autopsy of JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan at the Ada County Coroner's Office.

9:52 am: The detective continues to describe the photos, each of which depicts various decomposing body parts which were excavated from the property.

9:39 am: The next photo discussed is a photo of excavated flesh on a tarp.

9:37 am: The first of the pictures displays the pet cemetery where the body was found.

9:28 am: Wood asks to admit graphic evidence, which Judge Boyce allows. This evidence will not be shown on the courtroom livestream.

9:25 am: As excavation continued, a round, green object was recovered. Hermosillo describes it as a green melted bucket which officers assumed contained the body of Tylee Ryan.

9:22 am: Hermosillo describes following the vehicle transporting JJ's body to the morgue. When he and other detectives returned to Daybell's property they continued to excavate at the location where the body was recovered. Hermosillo says that globs of burnt flesh were protruding through the dirt.

9:08 am: Hermosillo elaborates on the excavation of the body which was briefly discussed yesterday. He highlights the paneling that was buried and the odor that followed its removal.

8:48 am: Prosecuting attorney Rob Wood continues questioning Hermosillo, starting with the area on Daybell's property where JJ Vallow's body was found.

8:46 am: The jurors have taken their seats. Det. Ray Hermosillo takes the stand. Hermosillo was the only witness on the bench yesterday.

8:35 am: The courtroom livestream has started, the trial will begin after the jurors, attorneys, and Judge Boyce are present.