Local farmers are forced to raise pumpkin prices as they battle inflation

Posted at 4:36 PM, Oct 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-17 18:36:48-04

Inflation has impacted food to gas prices, and now it's hitting popular Halloween staples — so expect to pay spooky prices for your pumpkins.

"Smalls (pumpkins) were $4.50. This year they are at $5.25," said Roger Schreffler, employee at The Berry Ranch.

The Berry Ranch had a successful growing season, but that didn't prevent them from needing to increase prices at the ranch.

"Fertilizer has literally doubled in price and sometimes more than that. And crops need fertilizer to grow just like we need food to grow," said Fred Schreffler, owner of The Berry Ranch.

The family-run ranch said they spend more money on not only fertilizer this year but also on gas for equipment.

As for Cathy Cabalo, the owner of Cabalo's Orchard and Gardens, her family skipped out on their yearly pumpkin patch this season after all five acres of pumpkins they were growing got a virus. After losing it all, she had to buy pumpkins from a vendor, forcing her to spike her prices by 25 cents per pound to make up for what was lost.

"I'm charging 59 cents a pound for those pumpkins because I had to pay for them this year instead of actually growing them," said Cabalo.

Pumpkin prices tend to spike as Halloween gets closer, and the average price fluctuates depending on where you buy your pumpkin.