Kristin Armstrong brings back gold to Boise

Posted at 2:14 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 16:45:24-04

Idaho's golden girl is back in Boise. Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong returned to the City of Trees from Rio with her third gold medal in the individual cycling time trials.  

More than 100 fans showed up at the Boise airport chanting "USA" as the cycling champ returned from the games.

The sight, which Armstrong has seen twice already when returning from the Olympics in Beijing and London, immediately brought the athlete and mother to tears.

"There's not really another place like Boise on earth, and I mean that," Armstrong said. "You know, I try to explain to other Olympians what it's like and what my anticipation is arriving home and they look at me like, "excuse me?"  and so it's really special to me to be from the state of Idaho and to just be here."

Fighting through tears of joy, Armstrong made sure to make an impact by sticking around for pictures and signing autographs for anyone willing to wait - a small feat for the top world athlete, just days after completing the individual time trial in Rio in 44 minutes and 26 seconds.

"It's just been a long journey," Armstrong said. "I'm so happy to share it with everybody."