Indian Creek museum full of memories

It's not every day a doctor's operating room, or a dentist chair end up in a museum.
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Posted at 12:36 PM, Sep 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-26 14:48:15-04

CALDWELL, Idaho — It's not every day a doctor's operating room, or a dentist's chair ends up in an Idaho museum. The Indian Creek museum was once a medical and dental office that has now been turned into thirty different themed rooms that will keep you mesmerized. Longtime volunteer Bill Roos says he has had visitors come in and remember the old building.

"I had a woman who came in and said my first and third child was born here because she couldn't get to Nampa in time. I had a number of people that said that Dr. Gully was my dentist and I know I sat in that chair and spit in that sink."

And now there are thirty themed rooms full of items and artifacts that as they say will bring memories flooding back. There's a clock from 1850, and map of Idaho from 1920, and a Bible resting on a shelf in the chapel room from the Civil War. There's a room full of old newspapers including a headline from December 7th, 1941. There's so much to see so take your time. As Roos simply puts it.

"History is great, isn't it?"

The Indian Creek Museum is open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.