AG's office releases documents in Hixon sex abuse investigation

Posted at 9:45 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 11:20:26-05

Documents released by the Idaho Attorney General’s office show that former Caldwell Representative Brandon Hixon was accused of sexually assaulting two young girls, including a female relative in repeated incidents that spanned at least 10 years which included the time Hixon was in office.

According to the documents, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare contacted the Caldwell Police Department regarding a possible sex abuse case.

When officers spoke to the child’s mother, the woman told them she was not sure her daughter was telling the truth about being inappropriately touched by their neighbor Brandon Hixon when he and his then wife Danielle were babysitting her.

When the girl was interviewed by CARES workers she stated the abuse began when she was in kindergarten. Documents said Brandon would ask the girl to sit on his lap. He would put a blanket over them and inappropriately touch her.

Documents state that in one instance Hixon’s then wife Danielle was in her room with her son when she heard the TV on in the living room. When she stepped out, she said she saw Hixon watching pornography on the television and masturbating while two girls slept on the couch- one of the girls with her feet on his lap. When confronted, Hixon said the girls were asleep and never saw anything. 

In another instance the neighbor girl said Hixon came into the room where she was sleeping and put his hands down her pants.

"Her mom came and said I need to talk to you. My daughter says that he was inappropriately touching her and doing things he shouldn’t be doing,” Danielle Hixon explained.

Documents also show in October of 2017 Danielle asked a family member if anything had happened with Hixon. 

“I said so he touched you she said yes,” said Danielle.

The girl continued to say that Hixon had sexual intercourse with her many times.

“After that I gave her a big hug, we started crying and I called the cops,” explained Danielle.

When Danielle asked the girl why she never came forward before she said that Brandon had threatened her with hurting Danielle’s son. 

At one point in August of 2017 Brandon asked Danielle to meet her at a gas station and to turn off the GPS on her phone. Danielle recorded the conversation. Brandon instructed Danielle not to tell anyone about the meeting as his lawyer told him not to speak to Danielle because she was a witness and it would be considered a felony.

In November of last year, documents show the disgraced lawmaker texted his ex-wife admitting he had ‘made mistakes in his life.’ The records also show Hixon’s own sister texted Danielle and said that Brandon admitted the abuse to his mother and other family members. 

Investigators believed they had enough evidence to take the allegations to the Grand Jury but the lawmaker took his own life earlier this month, one day before some of his accusers were set to testify before a Grand Jury. He was never officially indicted before his death.

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