Idaho fingers steaks are now sold around the country

Posted at 1:04 PM, Feb 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-28 19:01:14-05

If you've been around the Gem State long enough, chances are you've probably had one or two of them.

Some say finger steaks are a delicacy that Idahoans should be proud of. Their popularity maybe growing around the country, but real finger steaks will always be made in Idaho.

Tim Andersen, president of B & D Foods said it is genuine Idaho stuff — and that stuff has been a favorite around these parts for a long time. According to the Idaho Beef Council, a former Forest Service worker by the name of Mylo Bybee created finger steaks and served them at his family restaurant starting in the late 1950's.

Fast forward, a popular restaurant chain called the Red Steer started making their own and became so popular they formed B & D foods in order to mass produce the famous finger foods. Tim Andersen says for a long time they were shipping finger steaks to restaurants and bars across the Northwest, but now they're being sold in other parts of the country.

"We have also sold them to schools for sometime so kids grew up eating them like McDonald's Happy Meals," said Tim Andersen.

And even though finger steaks make up ten percent of their business, B & D Foods still produces some six hundred thousand pounds of finger steaks each year. That's a lot of satisfied customers.