Group rallies against domestic and sexual abuse

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 19:23:09-04

Approximately 100 people gathered at the Idaho Statehouse to denounce sexual and domestic violence.

The rally is on the heels of an accused sexual abuse case reported out of Dietrich, Idaho and the fatal beating of a homosexual man out of Nampa, Idaho.

“The dominant story about Idaho is that where a place of hate. We're a place of violence and intolerance and were so much more than that,” Idaho Coalition Executive Director Kelly Miller said.

The group said that the two atrocities were a result of social standards and do not fairly reflect Idaho culture.

“It broke my heart and at the same time, it made me so angry that a young child was violated by those he chose to be a team with,” Democrat Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb said about the alleged Dietrich sexual abuse.

Organizers are asking to Idahoans to rise up and stop a culture that promotes abuse of any kind.

The rally also focused on asking for a statewide implementation of an anti-bias and prevention strategy on gender violence at schools.

“Every single individual in the state of Idaho has a responsibility. And the state must not allow those breaches of human dignity to continue,” Sen. Buckner-Webb explained.