Idaho Youth Ranch looks to rebuild after fire, now accepting donations again across the Treasure Valley.

Idaho Youth Ranch
Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-08 19:04:53-04

BOISE, Idaho — A fire broke out at the Idaho Youth Ranch warehouse in downtown Boise just three weeks ago and now the organization is trying to move forward the best it can.

CEO Scott Curtis took Idaho News 6 on a tour of the damaged warehouse and explained what the plan is now moving forward.

Idaho Youth Ranch
Idaho Youth Ranch CEO Scott Curtis

“This is the entrance to our outlet store and where our shopper's park and the fire started out here in a large cardboard box then immediately spread,” Curtis said.

The flames destroyed everything outside in the yard at Idaho Youth Ranch’s distribution center on Irving in Boise.

“Within five minutes it had spread to taking over the whole yard,” he said.

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Plus, smoke damaged everything inside from clothes to furniture.

“We keep up to about a year, year and a half worth of clothing on racks indoors. it's north of a couple million dollars,” said Curtis.

Idaho Youth Ranch fire

Boise Fire department said the cause of the fire will forever be unknown because of the amount of water used put it out and items, where the flames started, were removed.

“You can also see the fire tried to take this building and this is where the biggest part of the success of the firefight was, it kept this building from being burnt down there's a bit of damage to it, and there one spot where it did get inside but firefighters were able to stop it,” he said.

Crews are now removing the debris and everything from inside the building where shelves were full of clothing and other items.

“Just tons and tons of clothing,” Curtis said. “It's all a loss.”

Curtis says Idaho Youth Ranch plans to move forward and work on rebuilding.

“We absolutely are going to get our distribution center back up and running and our administrative offices,” he said. “There are some options there we need to figure out the most efficient way to do that. the expanse of our thrift operations really requires a distribution center like this.”

Idaho Youth Ranch Fire

The Idaho Youth Ranch has now started accepting donations again at all of its locations across the Treasure Valley.

Right now they are asking the public to remain patient as the process might take longer and they are looking for goods that be used right now like summer or early fall clothing.