Idaho's first medical college opens up and anticipates plenty of residency programs for graduates

Idaho's first medical school opens
Posted at 10:37 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 00:37:56-04

Idaho's first ever medical school is open for business.
    The inaugural class is sharpening up its pencils to become the first crop of Idaho doctors.
    The question is, will they have Idaho residencies ready when they graduate?
    While kids across the valley are bemoaning the impending start of school, first year medical students at ICOM can't wait

"They are incredibly motivated and truly pioneers to be the first class in Idaho's first medical school."says Dr. Robert Hasty, Dean of ICOM.
New student Erica Latorre agrees, "Idaho provides the only medical school in Idaho that allows me to pursue my passion and goals where I grew up and where I want family and where I want to put down roots."
And that's really the goal of the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine is to improve the number of doctors in our state.

"After four years, they'll go into residency programs in the state of Idaho and throughout the United States." says Hasty.
Unfortunately, the Gem State ranks 49th in the country for residencies per capita.
But students we talked to didn't seem worried.

"I think there's risk in every opportunity, but getting the chance to be one of the first to go to medical school in Idaho, there's many more opportunities than risks." says Latorre.
Hasty says he expects creation of close to 180 residencies in Idaho by the time these students graduate in four years.
With accreditation not far behind.

"I think ICOM is progressing really well and will reach accreditation after graduation." says new student Jacob Boyd.
All that's left is a lot of book works and tests that get underway in earnest on Monday.
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