Idaho Potato Truck hits the road on 10-year anniversary tour

Potato truck
Posted at 4:00 PM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 18:00:48-05

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho is known for its potatoes — but the three most famous spuds from across the state aren't exactly edible. All three of the potatoes were in the same place at the same time Friday as the Idaho Potato Commission kicked off their countrywide tour for their tenth anniversary.

To celebrate 10 years, the big Idaho Potato Truck, the New Year's Eve potato and The Potato Hotel all came together for the first-ever 10-ton tater photo-opp Friday.

“Only in Idaho!” Mary Lukeyser said.

“And for good reason, the potatoes are wonderful here,” Kacy Washburn added.

The Potato Truck leaves town on Monday and is headed out on its spud-tacular tour hitting nearly 60 cities across the country.

Idaho Potato hotel

“We’re just taking this 72-foot truck across the country just telling how great Idaho potatoes are and how hearty healthy they are and just how good they are for you,” Tator team member Kyle Rauterkus said. “People are taking their phones out, taking pictures of us and everything and so it's really fun you get a lot of waves and get a lot of people honking at you, its a lot of fun.”

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In the 1950's, a drawing of a giant potato featured on a flatbed truck with the slogan “We Grow ‘em Big in Idaho” became a known image for the state according to the Idaho Potato Commission.

“They are big potatoes. And I love baked potatoes, but this would be oversized,” Lukeyser said. This looks like it's extra loaded,” Washburn added.

Potato truck

“Idaho has the best kind of conditions in the whole country for growing potatoes," Rauterkus said.

Also, the best conditions for making french fry perfume, which the Idaho Potato Commission released for Valentine's Day.

If you missed the big potato’s Friday morning you still have a chance to watch it as it makes its tour across the United States by watching the potato tracker.