Idaho friends documentary about Christian pilgrimage wins award

Posted at 6:59 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 20:59:48-04

It is the third most important Christian pilgrimage after Jerusalem and Rome. Camino De Santiago. Simply known as the Camino Trail.

For Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck of Meridian, their well documented trip to Spain is now starting to receive national attention. "I'll Push You" is a story of how Patrick pushed his friend Justin in a wheelchair the entire 500 mile route. Justin has a progressive autoimmune disease. A production company captured the moment in a film where it just won "Best Documentary" at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Patrick Gray says now they have a new mission. "Our job becomes traveling around the country speaking and telling stories and to do it in a visual way. It's been exhausting, but the experience has been incredible." For Justin, their new journey is just another chapter in their life long friendship. "It really boils down to sharing life adventures, and now we are investing in another one. I love him for all the good and the bad, and all the challenges that come along with our relationship."

Two friends, and one wheelchair. A friendship with the foundation of faith, family and friends. Patrick says without those three, their story probably never would have happened. "You take anyone of those out of there, and it's like sitting on a two legged stool, it just doesn't work."

So what's next? All Justin would say, is "wait and see, because It'll be bigger and better."