Idaho Democrats to gather this weekend for their convention in Moscow to create a party platform.

Reproductive rights are expected to be the centerpiece as far right Republicans continue their efforts to make abortion in all cases illegal.
Posted at 8:30 AM, Jun 21, 2024

BOISE — Idaho Democrats will meet in Moscow this weekend for their state convention. The Party will create a platform and select its national delegates.

  • Reproductive rights expected to be a centerpiece.
  • Also, school funding will be high on the platform

(Verbatim of story that aired is below)
Democrats have no illusions about their influence and power — or lack thereof - in a ruby red state like Idaho.

But they say their platform will likely take advantage of perceived extremism on the other side, primarily in reproductive rights.

“They still want no abortions with no exceptions not even if the patient is going to die and now they’re coming after in vitro fertilization so what dems will do this weekend is affirm their commitment to your reproductive freedoms.” said Democratic Party Chair, Rep. Lauren Necochea.

The Democrats will meet in Moscow this weekend to create the platform and will mirror president Biden’s promise to bring back a woman’s right to choose.

“It’ll be all of us who restore those rights for women in America.” said President Biden.

Beyond that, Necochea says the party will focus on other key values like a quality economy, and most importantly, an education system that is properly funded.

“We haven’t been doing that were seeing that with schools closing in districts across the state because the state hasn’t adequately funded them and the republican supermajority has also sabotaged our levy process,” said Necochea.

But knowing what they’re up against, Necochea says Democrats will keep it simple.

“What you won’t see is a big laundry list of things we’ll try to hold the legislature accountable to.”

The Democrats will also select their national delegates during the convention.