Idaho colleges plan to go online to combat spread of the coronavirus; CWI extends Spring Break

Posted at 10:23 PM, Mar 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-15 19:04:00-04

UPDATE: The College of Western Idaho has announced Sunday all CWI students will be on Spring Break from March 16 through April 4.

This includes the following areas of education:

  • Academic Transfer and Career & Technical Education
  • Dual Credit on-campus
  • Workforce Development
  • Basic Skills Education

CWI is asking students to exercise prudence and caution in traveling during Spring Break.

For more information, you can visit CWI's website.

Idaho colleges and universities are wasting no time going online to prevent spread of coronavirus. In a phone meeting Friday, they agreed online classes should start as soon as possible. A call that some students lamented.

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"I feel pretty sad because it's like taking away from my college experience and have to go home, and i just miss out on everything i can have here." said freshman BSU student Brandon Besler.

Students won't be forced to leave campus housing, but it is encouraged. Food service will continue and some lab work will be allowed in special clean zones. And every other university is following suit, with minor differences.

"Closing k-12 does not help stop the spread of coronavirus and can in some cases actually speed up the spread of the virus." said Dave Jeppesen. He says kids often end up being cared for by vulnerable populations like grandparents, which puts them at greater risk. Also, parents in the health care industry might have to leave work to care for their kids. Still, the state leaves it up to individual districts whether they need to go to online classes. So far none have, but anything could change, and often does during a pandemic.