Ida-Haunts: Return to Idaho's Tuberculosis Hospital

Idaho Tuberculosis Hospital
Posted at 10:54 PM, Oct 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 21:43:04-05

GOODING, Idaho — In 2010, Idaho News 6 and a group of paranormal investigators went inside Idaho's former tuberculosis hospital, which used to be Gooding College.

Originally built in 1920, this building served as the men's dormitory and classrooms for the Gooding College. There were also two other buildings on campus, the 1917 girls dormitory and the Tuberculosis Hospital. Today, only the 1920 men's dormitory remains.

When we last visited, the remaining building was in the process of being restored. A small portion of the building operated as a bed and breakfast called The Get Inn.

After 2012, new owners renamed the bed and breakfast business to The University Inn. For the last 11 years, many parts of the building were transformed into hotel rooms and meeting spaces.

A lot has changed since it was built, but one thing is for certain. For some Idaho paranormal investigators, supernatural interest in this building will never change.

“We have caught several voices. Most prominent we have the voice of a small child that we actually caught in the area that we are standing in right now," said Trevor Palmer, Western Idaho Paranormal Lead Investigator and Director. "Last year we had an investigator that brought his son out and they did a kind of small investigation during the day. His son went home and that night about 11:30 the building was empty, and my investigator was walking up the stairs and going outside for some equipment and as he was leaving, we got a voice that says, ‘bye Dada'"

Western Idaho Paranormal rented out the entire building for a few days to perform their investigation. The group placed video and audio recorders throughout the common areas with the hope of capturing something paranormal.

Some investigators claim to be touched and have overwhelming emotional sensations. The investigators say it's rare to get pictures and really rare to get video evidence. Most of the time, investigators get only audio evidence of the paranormal.

You can check out more video and audio clips on the Western Idaho Paranormal Facebook group.

The west wing of the building can be rented out for about $729 a night and the east wing can be added for an additional $350 a night, according to the Vrbo listing. The location has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Vrbo.