HUD launches new housing initiative in Idaho

Posted at 10:21 AM, Jun 01, 2022

IDAHO — U.S. Housing and Urban Development launched a new housing initiative in Idaho and other Pacific Northwest states Wednesday, aiming to increase the supply of affordable housing in the region.

The Our Way Home initiative will provide more tools and resources to the state in order to help preserve and create affordable housing.

Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity is hoping this will help to solve a big challenge they're facing: the rising price of land.

"Everything about this conversation is so vital because every piece of us working together better allows us to build homes more efficiently, more quickly and to get more families housed," Janessa Chastain, the Executive Director of Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity said.

Habitat for humanity also says they hope this initiative will help them with a new home repairs program they have, working with low-income families to make home improvements to keep their homes safe.

This comes one day after the City of Boise announced it's joining the House American initiative which will help the City in its goal to create more supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness.