How to appeal your property assessment

Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 12:03:35-04

BOISE, Idaho — Most homeowners have gotten their property assessments in the mail by now, including one Boise woman who is now appealing her assessment for the first time.

Carissa Cleveland is one of many who saw a significant increase in her property assessment this year. She's a realtor so she has some knowledge of the housing market and home values in the area and even she was surprised when she got her assessment in the mail.

"I know quite a few people that are in that same boat," she said.

After Carissa and her family moved in years ago, they made some changes to their home.

"It's completely different from when we bought it which is probably going to change my assessment," she said.

They remodeled the kitchen and changed up the landscaping out back.

"We just decided to make this our place and yeah, I'm pretty happy here," Carissa said.

She said this year's property assessment is almost 33% higher than last year and since moving in, the assessed value has increased closer to 130%.

The increases are alarming because of what it might mean for property tax bills, but it's important to note an increase on your property assessment does not guarantee higher property taxes.

The taxes are set by taxing districts like Ada county, the City of Boise and ACHD when they set their yearly budgets a process happening now.

For the first time, Carissa is appealing the assessment, a process she's finding to be pretty easy.

"They're super willing to kind of talk to me about how everyone else's assessments went up on our street and the one next door," Carissa said.

The Ada County Assessor says a formal appeal isn't always necessary.

"90% of the calls that we get are taken care of -- questions we get are taken care of with a phone call," Robert McQuade, the Ada County Assessor said.

Here's how the appeal process works: first, call the appraiser on the property assessment you got in the mail, just like Carissa did. If things aren't resolved that way, you can file a formal appeal.

In Ada county, this must be done by June 27.

You can find more information about the appeal process in Ada County by clicking here and more information about the process in Canyon County by clicking here.

Carissa says her family plans to stay put here no matter how much property taxes increase, but says for others, especially those on a fixed income that might not be possible.

If you’re struggling, there are some property tax reduction programs offered statewide. You can find more information about the programs by clicking here.