How Boise State is staying focused going into their biggest game yet

Posted at 7:45 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 14:13:50-04

Boise State will be heading to Stillwater, OK this week to play their biggest game of the season so far. With two very impressive wins under their belts, it’s only natural to ask yourself, “how do they do it?”.

To date, Boise State has shown fans they're capable of being focused AND fired up during their games. But with all the hype surrounding their upcoming game, coaches have made it a point to put the game of football and this matchup in perspective, “the reason why you don’t get too geeked out or too overly excited about it is because that hasn’t been the focus we have a lot of respect for Oklahoma State but that hasn’t been the driving force for everything we’ve done since January 16th”.

Coach Harsin is a man with many accomplishments, currently the Boise State head coach is just six games shy of 50 victories with his team and since joining the program in 2013 as the head coach, his recipe for success is quite simple, “I don’t think there's an answer out there that nobody heard it’s all the things we have to do if we wanna achieve something and a lot of that has to do with discipline you know can you actually do it over and over and if it works for you can you continually do it are you tough enough and then do you believe in what you’re doing”.

Heading into their third game of the season, “we just have to take care of our business is what it Comes down too we’ve been able to do that the last two games so we feel like that formula works so I don’t think we’re gonna deviate too far from it”.

Currently, BSU is ranked #17 in both polls while OU is ranked #19 in the coaches poll and #24 in AP. Kickoff for this game is set for 1:30 pm MT on ESPN.