Highway 30 Music Festival organizers defend holding event this weekend

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jul 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-01 23:43:18-04

TWIN FALLS — Gordy’s Highway 30 Music Festival has faced some criticism for hosting the festival during in the midst of a pandemic.

The recent festival started facing backlash through social media over concern for people’s safety. Highway 30 officials say they were in communication with Twin Falls County Commissioners and the fairground board to ensure everything they did fell under guidelines.

“Once you were in the venue, there was hand sanitizer everywhere, plenty of room, as you saw yourself, that if people wanted to social distance, they could,” said Gordy Schroeder, the music festival’s director. “Once you hand sanitized, there also was the station where you were offered a free mask and free gloves if you want.”

In between every set, organizers cleaned equipment and Schroeder took to the stage to reiterate safety measures.

“There are hand sanitizing stations, if you look around, they’re on the trees, they’re by the restrooms when you came in, they were there, they’re back in the beer gardens. So make sure please that we’re doing the right thing,” Schroeder said.

The event was held just at the tail end of the original Stage 4 end date, just prior to its extension and the recent significant surge in COVID cases. Because of this, there were no conversations with commissioners or board members to postpone the event.