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Going for the gold! Idaho boxer Alyssa Mendoza gets a police escort as she begins her Olympic journey

20 year old Caldwell native is the youngest member of the USA Olympic boxing team and says she's ready to take on the world
Posted at 11:37 AM, Jun 07, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho boxer Alyssa Mendoza is headed to the Olympics. She will train first in Colorado before heading overseas. The first leg of her journey - to the airport - included a full police escort.

  • Mendoza is a featherweight boxer who got the nickname "Wrecking Machine" because of her fearless attitude in the ring.
  • Her dad is her trainer.
  • Mendoza is a southpaw, which means left handed. It's a stance that often throws other boxers off.
  • Her first match is scheduled for late July.
  • She could fight 4-5 times if she goes all the way to the gold.

(Below is the verbatim of the story that aired.)

When you’re headed to the Olympics, the full police escort to the airport is just the beginning of a lot of great memories.

“Even shocked me how many vehicles were escorting me out I’ll never forget that either.”

20 year old Caldwell resident Alyssa Mendoza is headed to Paris, France to represent the USA...and she’s not going there to sight see.

"I don’t want to go to the Olympics for a participation award, I’d really like to come back with something.” said Mendoza.

From an athlete, you’d expect nothing less than to go for the gold.

But for those who support her, there’s a different vibe.

“She’s already a winner so it’s not like go make us proud. You already have made us proud,” said Caldwell Mayor Jarom Wagoner.

And no one could be more proud than her trainer and father JR Mendoza.

“I wish I could explain it. It’s still settling down with me what she has accomplished and for me to be part of it I am beyond proud.” he said.

Alyssa is a southpaw - a leftie - something that can throw opponents off.

“Southpaw It can work against me just all on how I use it but for the most part I take advantage of it.” said Mendoza.

But just as important is the ferocity she brings to the ring that earned her the nickname the wrecking machine.

It’s a mindset her dad says comes naturally.

“She’s always been fearless has no fear when she gets in the ring she has no fear.” said Mr. Mendoza.

Alyssa says she’s traveled to a half dozen countries in the past year or so, but nothing this big.

Fortunately, she’s got a lot of idahoans in her corner.

"Thank you very much for all the support and love lot of support and that means the world to me.” said Mendoza.

The city of Caldwell is planning watch parties for Mendoza's fights. The times are yet to be determined, but Idaho News 6 will keep you posted. In Boise, I'm senior reporter Roland Beres, Idaho News 6.