Get to know Boise State football star Tyler Horton

Get to know Boise State football star Tyler Horton
Posted at 8:36 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 19:13:08-04

You probably know him on the field as number fourteen or his two fumble return touchdowns against Troy University September 1st, but off the field Boise States senior cornerback and 2018 captain, Tyler Horton is more than just a phenomenal athlete, he’s a kid from Fresno, CA that came to Boise State with a gift and goals.

Life as a student-athlete is hard, but life as a Division I student-athlete and role model is harder…unless you’re Horton. Horton is the type of football player you hope your kid aspires to be. He is humble, hardworking and hilarious and to him, his responsibility as a Boise State football player is more than just a title he has or a game he plays, “it’s been my escape plan I feel like football has been everything for me…I think about the little ones back at home, I think about the people around who really look up to me, people who supported me, things like that and that really pushes me to be who I am”.

If you ever see Horton off the field, there’s one thing you can’t help but notice his smile. Wherever Tyler goes, he can be found smiling, laughing or joking and no matter what the day brings, that will never change, “you can change anybody’s personality anybody mood with a smile so I just Gotta keep that positive vibe because negativity ain’t really the way to go…”.

The Broncos will hit the blue turf for the first time this season on September 8th… and despite snagging a win while away, this Boise State cornerback is ready for some home turf lovin’, “Boise fans and the Boise community is one of the best fan systems you know that college football has, you know they’re yelling they’re there they’re showing all their love especially the little young ones so to be able to play at home is always a special moment”.

Kick off is at 8:15pm at Albertsons Stadium.