Controversial former lawmaker John McGee wins seat on Caldwell City Council

Posted at 1:42 AM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 11:49:34-05

CALDWELL, Idaho — **EDIT** City Council candidate Chuck Stadick reached out to 6 On Your Side to rebuff Dr. LiCalzi's statement that he was against downtown revitalization. Stadick maintains that was an incorrect assumption on Dr. LiCalzi's part.

Former Idaho lawmaker John McGee has been elected to the Caldwell City Council.

McGee won the sixth seat against Evangeline Beechler and incumbent Chuck Stadick with 39.24% of the votes.

John McGee resigned from the legislature amid sexual harassment allegations in 2012 and a DUI arrest on Father's Day in 2011.

Police said they arrested McGee for the DUI after crashing a truck that didn't belong to him in the front lawn of a Boise home. His blood alcohol level at the time was nearly twice the legal limit, according to police. The next day, McGee was arraigned on DUI charges and driving a vehicle without permission. Less than two weeks later, he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, and struck a deal to drop the other charges.

In January of 2012, Senate Republicans voted to allow McGee to stay in his position as Senate Majority Caucus Chair.

A month later, he served 39 days in jail for disturbing the peace, after accusations of sexual harassment leading to his resignation and a state police investigation.

During that investigation, 6 On Your Side obtained transcripts of Idaho State Police interviews which revealed graphic details from witness accounts. The police report indicates McGee first propositioned a woman who worked for him on February 7th. The documents said McGee told her, "Just pull down your pants and give me something to look at" while he masturbated in front of her in his locked office. The victim told police McGee told her "this never happened" before she left.

Documents say McGee allegedly groped the victim's behind, asked her to take off her pants, rubbed his groin against her elbow, and made inappropriate comments about the victim's physical relationship with her boyfriend.

In 2014, McGee was appointed to chairman of the Downtown Caldwell Organization. In 2016, then-Idaho Supreme Court candidate and Republican Senator, Curt McKenzie, hired McGee to work on his campaign.

McGee announced his plans to run for city council back in September. In a statement in a release from his campaign, McGee addressed his past by saying, "“In the past I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve learned from these mistakes and will be a better public servant”.

McGee was endorsed by Sen. Patti Anne Lodge and Caldwell City Councilor Shannon Ozuna.

Here's a full breakdown of the votes from the Caldwell City Council elections:

Caldwell City Council -- Seat 4 (100% Precincts Reporting)

Chris Trakel--1,476 46.37%

Jarom Wagoner--1,707 53.63%

Caldwell City Council -- Seat 5 (100% Precincts Reporting)

Chris Allgood--2,890 100.00%

Caldwell City Council -- Seat 6 (100% Precincts Reporting)

Evangeline Beechler--1,005 30.55%

John McGee--1,291 39.24%

Charles "Chuck" Stadick--994 30.21%