Food trucks in the Treasure Valley face challenges in near-record heat

A3 Catering Food Truck
Posted at 4:23 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-01 11:33:35-04

TREASURE VALLEY — Everyone is trying to stay cool in this near-record heat, but some people have to stay outside for their jobs, including those who work in food trucks.

"If you think 101 out here is bad, think another 10-15 degrees in there for us," Lisvette Henderson, the owner of A3 catering said.

She said they try everything to stay cool including an air conditioner, regular fans and fans that spray mist. This weekend, they even tried using frozen water bottles to cool off and stay hydrated.

For Bolton Brothers Kitchen who opened their truck in February, this heat is a new challenge.

“It gets real hot in there which has taught us how we gotta figure out fans and maybe a mister, an air conditioner or something," Steve Bolton said.

The weather isn't just affecting the people inside the trucks. It also affects how many people come to order from them, leaving Green Acres Food Truck Park on Shoreline Drive with empty slots.

"We had one truck this week basically say it's too hot outside, we can't make it," said Anny Frampton, owner of Green Acres Food Truck Park.

Even in the four and a half months Bolton Brothers Kitchen has been open, they have had to close early on one day.

“Late last week we hit a hot one because our generator overheated. We run gas or the propane, we were able to keep going, but we did have to close a little early," Bolton said.

Henderson said they plan to attend all the events on their schedule this week, but sometimes a cancellation is unavoidable.

“If we have done a night that has been super hot, sometimes it takes more than 24 hours to recover," She said.

Henderson also said customers should try to be patient during the heat wave because it might take a bit longer for their orders to be ready.