Folks still flocking to the Flicks, despite mega movie theaters across the valley

Posted at 10:59 PM, Feb 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 00:59:39-05

The Flicks theater in downtown Boise is packed come award season, because they often show some of the artistic and foreign films that end up winning big at the Oscars.

The local theater has been a big part of the independent film scene in Idaho since 1984.

In a world filled with corporate mega theaters, why is the independently owned old school Flicks theater still booming? Well Flicks president Carole Skinner says in part, because they offer wine and beer along with a menu of food options.

Skinner says the small theater is standing strong with a loyal base of returning customers.

"People that come to the Flicks love the Flicks!" Skinner said.

Skinner says part of the appeal has to do with a low-key atmosphere that attracts solo moviegoers who might otherwise feel embarrassed to catch a flick on their own. She also describes an intimate setting with employees who've come to know many returning customers quite well.

The small theater highlights a hand-picked selection of the industry's independent, foreign and art films. "We play the best of Hollywood," Skinner said, straying away from action-packed mainstream films with car chases, explosions and exploitations.

"Character and story is really what I'm after when I'm booking the films," Skinner said. "I just want something that people can relate to."