Flock Cancer Walk raises over $25k for Boise YMCA Oncology Recovery Program

Flock Cancer
Posted at 1:26 PM, May 18, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — With help from the community, "Flock Cancer" walk organizer Leslie Scantling was able to raise $25,218 for the YMCA Oncology Recovery Program through donations.

The Oncology Recovery Program is meant to help meet the needs of cancer survivors before, during, and/or after treatment in a safe and supportive environment.

“I’m so humbled that we could still take an event that came together in such a short time and still have it make an impact on a local cancer program,” Scantling said.

Flock Cancer Donation

The Boise YMCA Oncology Recovery Program was very helpful to Scantling during her cancer recovery with counseling and therapy so she wanted to give back.

“Survivorship is really the longest part of an individual's journey and every individual deserves to have a wonderful quality of life in whatever their healing from. We want to make sure that nobody is ever turned away from the inability to pay and a donation like this an event like this allows us to provide that opportunity,” Director of the YMCA Healthy Living Center Mary Biddle-Newberry said.

Scantling also wants to make “Flock Cancer” a yearly tradition, to allow survivors to have a place to continue celebrating their wins.

“I am committed to making this an annual event again for our community and I'm looking forward to taking that baton and having my little pink spark turn into maybe a bigger pink wave,” Scantling said.

The Boise YMCA Oncology Recovery Program is open to anyone who needs their services. They encourage anyone to contact them for help and say this type of donation helps them provide the support needed to someone going through the stages of recovery.

Flock Cancer Donation
Leslie Scantling provided the Boise YMCA Oncology Recovery Program with over $25,000 in donations. Her and Mary Biddle-Newberry, Director of the Healthy Living Center hugged after the money was presented. "Mary helped me put my broken parts together once," Scantling said.

"I am so grateful for the people who offered up their time and their expertise, between cadets and photographers and friends that volunteered, the warm encouragement and support was just so moving, and I'm just beyond honored that everybody decided to come together and that all together we can continue to make this something amazing,” Scantling said.

If you are an individual who is looking for support whether you're preparing for treatment, going through treatment, or recovering, the YMCA Oncology Program is there for you. Click here for more information.