Fire prevention order issued, BLM urges public help to prevent wildfires

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Posted at 9:26 PM, May 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-13 23:26:35-04

The BLM has issued a fire prevention order during Wildfire Awareness Month to help prevent human-caused wildfires.

BLM announced the BLM Idaho State Director John F. Ruhs signed the 2021 Fire Prevention Order, which bans specific fire-related activities from May 10 to October 20. The order makes it illegal to burn explosives or use exploding targets, fireworks or steel component ammunition on BLM land in Idaho. Any shooting at steel or ferrous materials with dry vegetation is also banned, according to BLM. Anyone who knowingly violates the order could be fined or held responsible.

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“We have already had a significant amount of fire activity in Idaho this year and the current national significant wildland fire potential outlook indicates that we could be in for a real challenge this summer, including in southeast Idaho,” said John F. Ruhs, BLM Idaho State director, in a statement. “It’s really important for the public to understand and comply with the fire prevention order to help keep human-caused wildfires from needlessly damaging natural and cultural resources.”

BLM reports there have already been more than 120 wildfires in Idaho in 2021. The agency urges Idahoans to take additional measures to protect themselves and property.